Tuesday, May 3, 2016

{to sigh for | Hylunia Products}

Today I am Sighing Over my favorite products by Hylunia. 
I may have mentioned them before but I have to share them again! This combo leaves my face feeling refreshed, glowing, and gorgeous!

The Hylunia Papaya Enzyme Mask is delicate and soothing. I swear that after just one use I look like a different person. For $47 I think it's totally worth it!
Papaya Enzyme Mask:
I always follow this up with their Hyaluronic Oil Free Moisturizer. Living in the desert I am always in need of hydration and this does it! It's a bit pricier at $74 but a tiny bit goes a long way so it will last you a long time! 
Hyaluronic Oil Free Moisturizer
I have acne prone skin and these products are simply amazing. 

If you want to experience a Hylunia Facial (which are amazing in Sedona) you can locate the nearest spa by clicking here.

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