Monday, April 13, 2015

{within-spiration | retro vintage trend}

This spring/summer is going to bring forth a new or should I say Old trend. A fresh new look at vintage and retro styles is headed our way. Be prepared to see new rustic designs which will include bird cages, owls and stags. Rose prints are getting updated with a modern touch and even ombre looks are making a comeback. Take a look at our inspiration pieces here.

There is a big influence towards a retro kitchen which includes lots of vintage imagery and typography. (black and chunky fonts). Lots of little owls are peeking through which I'm actually quite excited about. What's cuter than an owl? I also like the dusty and greyed aqua tones that will be coming out.

I'm personally not convinced about the entire trend. I don't think that everyone will jump on this train. The stags for instance are nice but I mostly see them come out during the holidays and not typically on someone's sofa unless they are big hunters.

What do you think of this trend?

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