Monday, April 6, 2015

{within-spiration | metallic inspo}

This inspiration post started to come together when I was looking for a new fresh manicure this past fall. I came across the OPI Nordic Collection for Fall/Winter 2014 and really got inspired by the gold.

My research took me to the runways where I saw lots of metallic nails and accessories everywhere. 

This got me thinking...where else are we going to see a metallic trend in fall and in the spring? And so I went digging...

New York Fashion Week had just ended and there were tons of metallic purses and shoes. The more I looked, the more I found colors and textures that all tied back to my first OPI image. Girls at NYFW opted for make-up looks with bold brows, cat eyes, and matte coloured lips. Yet I could not find metallics there.

Researching London Fashion Week I saw tons of statement necklaces and lovely minimalism. I also found my not so favorite pastel metallic...yikes. There was also a metallic accented nautical outfit.

So this got me can I incorporate more metallics in my interiors? A lot has been done already but I think it's definitely time to revisit this trend.

 For now, I'll just stick to my gold phone and desk accessories. Lets see where Spring and Summer 2015 take us!

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