Tuesday, April 21, 2015

{to sigh for | amara resort and spa}

I recently had the privilege of spending the entire day at the Amara Resort and Spa in Sedona.

I must tell you it was one of the most pleasant experiences in recent memory. I left with glowing skin and a feeling of relaxation that I cannot put in words. The spa itself is small and in a separate building from the rest of the hotel but where it lacked in spaciousness it made up in quality of services. I enjoyed a facial, a soleful traveler signature pedicure and a lovely classic manicure.

Between my services I enjoyed a mouth watering lunch at the Saltrock Southwest Kitchen which looks out onto the pool. As I waited for my food I sipped on a Guava Cooler (guava, organic ginger agave nectar, and club soda). Can you just feel the relaxation oozing out of that zero proof cocktail? It was so yummy that I asked for one to go so that I could lay out by the pool and sip away.

There are many spas to choose from in Sedona and many of those are on the main strip. In my research I found that only three really had the "resort" feel that I was looking for. I was very close to attending the spa at L'Auberge because I had heard great things. Unfortunately at L'Auberge they do not offer manicures and pedicures (that is according to their website) and the would not allow my 14 year old niece to be a guest even though her mother was going to be present. That was unfortunate. 

We almost went to the Hilton but I was truly hoping for a more "Sedona" experience and unfortunately the Hilton, although beautiful, just wasn't going to cut it. The spa that had caught my eye instantly was Mii Amo which would have been around 20-30 minutes out of our way but gorgeous! Unfortunately they do not allow you to use the spa unless you are a guest of the hotel. Bummer. In the end we were thrilled with our spot at the Amara Resort and Spa. A spectacular experience that I hope to recreate sometime soon!


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