Monday, March 23, 2015

{within-spiration | spring color trends 2015}

We've made it to Spring! At least in Tucson that's how it feels. Time for new colors in fashion and in our interiors. Thanks to the beautiful people at WGSN we can bring you the much anticipated color trends for Spring 2015. Take a look at these amazing colors and hopefully it will inspire you this season!

Here's a little summary of what to take from the images below:
  • Lime is going to take over yellow as the bright color of choice this season.
  • Green is going to go from tropical to rustic to bright chartreuse and khaki green.
  • Dark blues will be the new black. Think iris and indigo.
  • Golden rich and warm.. amber to buckthorn..basking in the summer sun.
  • You can see how it changes from a tropical palette to more autumnal tones and then a bit warmer and sunkissed.
  • Grey will come back as an essential neutral and I am so excited.. stony gray and stell blue..think of concrete. It will transform from clear to smudgy to classic concrete neutrals…I cannot wait
  • Edible Berries.. now purple will be the new pink. Beet and plum burst into the season
  • The hot pinks of last spring will turn into softer gray tones this fall and then finally ice cream tones for next spring in 2016.
  • The richer berry tones also get more mature and rich with a bit of cranberry mixed in.
  • Purple goes berry as well.
  • Blues although not a main player will look to the sky and sea for inspiration in the spring.
  • Pastels will also be present in a sweet and dreamy feel.
  • Oranges, again not as popular as the other tones will move towards the coral sphere with touches of pink and amber
  • Brown will go from woody and chestnut to a more greyed feel

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