Tuesday, March 10, 2015

{to sigh for | daily beauty basics}

It's Tuesday...time to Sigh For...some of my favorite daily basics. It's thanks to these amazing goodies that I can look and feel refreshed every day!

So here they are in no particular order:

  1. My favorite mineral makeup ever: Everyday Minerals
  2. My go to lip balm..and I am a lip balm enthusiast: Rosebud Salve
  3. In the summer I opt for this 35 SPF cc Cream and can use it without my mineral makeup thanks to its great coverage: Supergoop!
  4. Best eyeshadow palette that I have ever owned: Mirage Palette
  5. The only way I can get a natural flush in my cheeks. Thank you Benefit Benetint.
  6. Another great Benefit product that helps give my eyes that extra boost they need after long hours in front of the computer. Ooh La Lift.
  7. Last but not least my favorite vegan mascara ever. Zuzu Luxe
Have a fabulous day!

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