Thursday, March 26, 2015

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Today's Take Two comes from the lovely Kendi Everyday. {a style blog for the everyday girl}


posted on: 2/10/2015

I'm starting to think that I always have my eye out for a good pair of jeans. But I'm always so drawn to dark skinny jeans that I decided I need to broaden my spectrum of denim. I was looking for a pair of jeans for spring that were not quite skinny jean / not quite boyfriend jean. Does this style even exist? My mission was clear -- must find this pair of possibly non-existent jeans my imagination thought up. I found this pair of straight style jeans online and took a gamble -- I liked the color (it's darker in person) and the cut so I had my fingers crossed they'd fit well. Turns out they fit perfectly and they are exactly what I wanted -- not quite skinny jeans and not quite boyfriend jeans. They call them 'straight fit' but I like them better when styled with a cuff than worn straight. The fabric has stretch but it's still structured so it gives the right amount of slouch and it's the relaxed look I was going for. Oh and the best part? They are under $100. Mission accomplished. 

Now I just need a name for this new denim I've discovered: relaxed skinny? Slouchy straight? (Almost) boyfriend jeans? I could go on and on here, people. I've got a limited vocabulary but I've got all day. 

Other denim under $100 picks from Nordstrom:




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