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Today's Take Two comes from Westfield Style. They posted a great interview with Artist Curtis Kulig. Check it out below!

Love Me_final_HERO


From Culver City to Century City, #LoveMe global street icon Curtis Kulig is taking over L.A. The photographer-slash-painter (dubbed by GQ as “arguably the North Dakota’s coolest person”) has had his range of work making appearances in cool cities around the world—think Amsterdam and Tokyo—and has done collaborations with brands ranging from DKNY to  Me+Mi jewelry to his most recent This is Not Graffiti take on Kanye West.

His latest installation? The gorgeously floral Love Me x Public Valentine at the flagship Westfield Century City. If you want the perfect backdrop for a little Valentine’s Day Instagramming (or The Proposal?), we think you’ll find the two backdrops oh-so-sharable. XOXO

WS: You are well known in both the art world and commercial sphere. How do you bridge the two worlds while staying true to your art? 

CK:  Love Me started as my own personal statement. But over the years, it grew bigger than me. For me, it's more about how other people relate to it and that means giving it a larger than life presence. Sometimes that's with a 4x6 canvas in someone’s home. Sometimes it's on a 19-year-old's iPhone case. I just want it to be accessible to everyone. 

WS:   You've also done some cool collaborations with brands like Soho House, Maiyet, and even those quintessential little candy hearts. How do your collaborations usually come about?  

CK:  Most collaborations come via word of mouth. I have a lot of friends in New York, a lot of people who know my work and they'll recommend to someone that we do something together. It really varies how things happen. It comes down to timing and likeminded-ness. 
Curtis Kulig stands against wall of his colorful art.

WS:  How is it different working with indie brands versus global brands? 

CK:  It's actually not that different. It just takes a client who's open to trying something new because I always want to do things a bit differently then I have before. 

WS:   What future product collab would be your most-wanted to do next? 

CK :   I would like to work with Loro Piana out of Italy. I think they make impeccable men's clothing. No detail is spared. 

WS:  We just worked together on the Love Me x Public Valentine. What appealed to you about this project?

I love the florals. And I like surprises. I like when something just pops up out of nowhere that you weren't expecting. They're so big and vibrant and putting them in a place that's public and anyone can experience them is fun to me. The day they were installed I was standing with my manager and this tough looking dude asked if I would take a picture of him in front of the bold one. To me that's the best. 
Curtis Kulig’s “Love Me Forever” floral art piece on display.

WS:  You live in New York — what's your favorite thing about the city? The thing that drives you crazy? 

CK:  New York is my favorite always. I love the pace, the people, the service, the energy. It just snaps me on my toes. The only thing that ever drives me crazy there is people stuck in traffic honking... I will never understand it. 

WS:  What's your binge-watching-on-Netflix guilty pleasure? 

CK:  Black Mirror is blowing my mind. It's a BBC show that first aired in 2011. It's incredible.

WS:  What's your go-to city for design and art inspiration right now? 

CK:  I go to The Met about once a month with my friend Eyal. His knowledge of art and the stories he tells about different artists’ relationships during that time period are amazing. 

WS: What will be next on the horizon for you? 

CK: I have a project coming out with Issey Miyake in Japan this Spring. 

Love Me x Public Valentine in LA at flagship Westfield Century City
Through March 15

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