Wednesday, February 25, 2015

{within works | 10 tips on a glam closet}

Good Morning and welcome to Wednesday! As promised we have more photos to show you of the glam closet that we created. You can see more of them up on our website but we thought we'd give you a little teaser here.
So how can you create a glam closet at home? Here are 10 tips from us to you!

  1. Organize your clothes into 2 piles. The ones you need access to every day and the ones that you don't. Once that is done take your daily access pile and organize it in a way that works best for you. As an example, I organize mine by type (dress shirt / blouses / cotton tops / pants / skirts). Then I will organize them by color and by sleeve length. When you have something well organized it is much more pleasing to the eye and will give you that "glam" feel.
  2. Follow the above rules for your shoes. The realllllly nice ones you may want to keep in a box but perhaps try a see through box so you can admire them. In Tucson we have a lot of dust in the air so I try to protect the nicest items as much as possible. I have a small closet so I keep my shoes divided in seasonal categories then I divide them by heels/boots/flats/sandals etc. My off season shoes are safely tucked away under my bed in plastic clear boxes. Make sure that you stuff your boots etc with tissue or news paper to keep their shape perfect for the following season.
  3. If you don't have shelving for your purses, you can use the 3M hooks to create a nice wall display for your them. Again same rules apply to divide them up and keep them protected. My nicest purses are filled with tissue paper and have protective covers on them. My other daily purses are on those hooks but they are also filled with tissue paper. It's important to keep the original shape of your bags. If you don't have tissue paper you can use old tee shirts or even newspaper. I once used brown Trader Joes bags.
  4. Now to add some glam. Why not remove the light that you have in your closet and add a lovely "chandelier" instead? You can find some small inexpensive ones on sites like Lamps Plus. Codes now allow for you to use LED fixtures which will be great to keep your energy costs down. When looking for a fixture you will need to use a pretty surface mounted fixture. If you have a larger closet (like the bedroom above) then you can use a chandelier. Check your local codes but most probably you will have to find a "chandelier" like fixture that does not have exposed bulbs. Again, you will want to check your local codes for clearances but you should be safe with installing your fixture 12" from your shelf/rod/etc. 
  5. If you have any existing hardware in your closet, try updating it with some really pretty pulls or knobs. Stores like Restoration Hardware or Anthropologie sell them. (as do many more) It's a great way to instantly update you doors.
  6. What is the floor in your closet? Is it possible to update it? There are pros and cons to a hard floor like in the photos above. It does feel good to stand on and gives you a boutique store feel but it does not keep dust down like carpet does. So there is a trade off for sure. If you do have hard floor you could add a pretty rug to warm up the space. 
  7. No Wire Hangers!!! If you're my age..or close to.. that phrase should mean a lot to you..if not then you need to see this. *you've been warned by Joan Crawford*  So what to do? You take your dry cleaning in and get back all these great wire hangers! Well.. Give Them Back!!! They are terrible for your clothes. Learn to shop for the right hangers for your garments. Try shopping at the Container Store and check out their natural wood hangers. Or when in doubt travel to your local Bed Bath and Beyond. If you want more reading, check out this blog post on the "Best Hangers" here.
  8. Use your space well. You may be able to add another shelf or rod to your closet if you organize where everything is going to go. Most of us don't have 20 long gowns so buy having two rows of rods you can spread out your clothes and let them breathe. Having space between your hanging items is not only good for your clothes but also wonderful and pleasing to the eye. You get to really see what you have. Try purchasing some closet organizers to keep you on track.
  9. Paint goes a long way. Perhaps your closet is painted builder white and just by making it a bit warmer it will really change how you feel in that space. Or perhaps it's painted the same color as your light blue room? Well then go and change it to white. A little change will go a long way for you and your mind. Lighter brighter colors will help bounce around light. Stay in the neutral family. You don't want to put a color in there. Why? Because it will affect how you see your clothing. Color bounces around with light so be careful.
  10. Mirrors Mirrors Mirrors. What a better way to make a space feel and look bigger?! A full length mirror if you can fit it in there is great. You can find some great sales at Home Goods or even your local Target.
Good Luck and Glam it Up!

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