Monday, February 23, 2015

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Happy Monday! 
As promised we will continue the month of February and March with Inspiration from our Wilsonart Trendspotting Trip in Nashville Tennessee.

Today we take you Turnip Green Creative Reuse. 
"Diverting materials destined for the landfill to use in creative endeavors"
They are a 501c3 nonprofit that hosts workshops, a retail store, and provides community education. It was started in 2010 and when I visited them in 2014 I fell in love. You can read more about them by clicking the link above. You can also check out their blog here

When I visited they had a showcase up made of postcards from all over. People created these postcards by recycling other products and sent them into TGCR. They were all so very different and inspiring in their own way. I was personally attracted to the shiny ones..I was going through a metallic phase.
 I loved the use of stamps and paint and texture. Here are some of my favorites.
 Touring the space you got to see all the amazing materials that would normally go to waste being used for something beautiful. 

I only wish there was a TGCR in every city! If you'd like to donate please click here.

Have a wonderful week!

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