Saturday, February 14, 2015

{thursdays take two | hushed blush}

Todays' Take Two comes from the lovely Kendi Everyday. {A style blog for the everyday girl}. Here's a super cute post on *blush*...and Happy Valentines Day!


posted on: 2/13/2015

I'm ending this week of love otherwise known as Pink Week here at KE with a subtle look. Whisper pink and blush are some of my favorite hues lately. This color palette is just so soft and feminine but can easily be toughened up. I mean, I'm wearing a pale pink moto jacket -- that's super tough. No one would mess with me in this alley way with this soft yet strong jacket. No one. I might sing them lullabies or apply hot pink lipstick to them. Terrifying. 

What are your Valentine's Day plans, little loves? We are celebrating tonight by going to our town's movie night on the square and then dinner. (I swear I live in Stars Hollow.) I mean who could pass up Sleepless in Seattle the night before Valentine's? That is a small town romance at it's best.

Hope your weekend is full of love. :)

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