Monday, April 7, 2014

{within-spiration | 6 best color palettes from nature}

Good afternoon designistas!
Today we bring you inspiration from the outside! Now that the weather has changed here in Tucson, we are ready to enjoy the gorgeous outdoors. Today our beautiful photography comes from AZ Foto. I used these as inspiration for different color palettes. 

 I love the vibrant green and soft lilac melted together with the soft white.

Below you can see how the same green and white are harmonious with a bright sky blue.

 I can't get away from the deep lilacs and purples. Splashes of blue and yellow really make them pop.

 Our favorite green here sits next to a juicy tangerine and gets brighten by the sunshine yellow and orange. 

 I like the subdued nature of these colors. Soft pinks and deep greens melt into the butter yellow.

  Finally, we have springs favorite colors, pastel pinks and blues with new greens and crisp tan and white. What a fantastic color combo!

Inspiration is everywhere!

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