Wednesday, March 26, 2014

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Happy Wednesday! 
I bet you've been wondering why we have been missing from our blog for so long! Well finally we can tell you just a little bit...not too much because it's a secret..but...

We were in Sierra Vista filming the Food Court Wars! Yes! The Food Network chose Within Studio to be their interior designer on super exciting TV show! For the past few months we've been working furiously to get get donors and sponsors to really wow the producers. And guess what...We DID it! 

Food Court Wars pits two teams of aspiring food entrepreneurs against one another as they battle to win their own food court restaurant, rent-free for a year. The team whose restaurant makes the most profit wins their eatery space - a prize worth $100,000! Within Studio was part of that prize! Here are some photos from this amazing 12 hour remodel! Yes 12 hours~ We broke Food Court Wars records!

Once the show airs we will share with you our inspiration images and lots of amazing before and after photos! Until is a sneak peek!

Restaurant #1

Restaurant #2

My amazing team

And we got to meet Chef Tyler Florence =)

 A BIG Thank you to our amazing team and sponsors for this could not have been possible without ALL of you!  

This project was supported in part by the following Onsite Design Team:

This project was supported by the following additional donors and sponsors:

For more information, check out our website by clicking HERE.
For additional reading, check out the Sierra Vista Herald by clicking HERE.

Thank you! And we will be back soon to our regular blog posting!
Florencia + Team

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