Monday, February 3, 2014

{within-spiration | shopping with twice}

Happy Monday Designistas!
How was your weekend? Chilly? Need a new sweater? Or just some fashion inspiration? Well, nothing inspires me more than a fabulous Sale! 

I was recently introduced to Twice and was really intrigued. We have lots of second hand shops here in town, but online? I hand't seen one until now. So I decided to try it. I went online, joined Twice, and requested a bag. Once the bag arrived I filled it with clothes I no longer wore. Two weeks later I was $55 richer! So easy! You have the option to take the cash, or have a store credit, or have the clothes returned to you for $5. I decided to have the store credit which then became $68. Plus I got $10 for just downloading their app. 

Now it's time to shop! They have all kinds of fabulous brands and it's updated constantly. Whoever came up with this concept is pretty brilliant I have to say. Thank you!!

You can join by clicking here.
Happy Shopping!

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