Tuesday, February 4, 2014

{to sigh for | bedia banu baykara gems}

Good morning designistas! For today's To Sigh For segment, we want to share with you a jewelry designer to die for! We recently got a sneak peek into her custom collection and we have to tell you that the photos just don't do it justice. All pieces are handcrafted in their ateliers in Istanbul at the Grand Bazaar. They have stores all over Turkey and now they are in Tucson!

The designer, Bedia Banu Baykara lives by the seaside and gets her inspiration by the gorgeous nature that surrounds here. She uses the best quality gemstones (carefully chosen by gemologist, Kemal Kaspar). If you're in the neighborhood, I highly recommend contacting their seller, Burcak. You can reach her here: Burcak@BurcakTolan.com

Happy Shopping!

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