Wednesday, January 8, 2014

{within works | home in the desert}

A few years back we finished a gorgous home in the desert. We've decided to keep our client and the interiors private but we are going to give you a peek at the exterior. This home is in the heart of the sonoran desert. Our concept was to make it look like it was rising out of the rocks and give the illusion that it had always been there. We succeeded and the client is so pleased. We used gorgeous copper metal, dark stained wood, and as many natural materials as possible includeing travertine, glass, and earth. All of the rocks used on the house itself were taken from the original site. They go through and through so that as you walk into the home you can see and feel the exterior rock. Truly beautiful. Maybe one day we can show you the interiors...for now...these will have to do:

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