Wednesday, January 22, 2014

{within works | 10 must haves for a glam closet}

Good Morning Designistas!
We have to share this project with you! Something we are super excited about!
Our clients' husband reached out to us for a secret mission. He wanted us to transform one of their bedrooms into a master glam closet for his wife. Within Studio to the rescue! The biggest challenge was that we only had a week to get this done. Some HGTV shows will have you thinking that it's totally possible...well it's not. I had the best team a designer could ask for and it was still not finished in a week. Our designs and orders were complete, but custom woodwork takes time. If we would have purchased the closet from Ikea, I'm sure we would have made the deadline. But Ikea was definitely not where we wanted to be. This room needed custom work. Our client was extremely excited and surprised. We don't have the finished photos yet, but we have the inspiration images to share with you. 
Isn't it divine?

Here are the items that I absolutely needed to incorporate (and items that I believe are a must in a glam closet)
  1. shoe storage
  2. sitting area
  3. full length mirror
  4. jewelry island
  5. location for a jewelry safe
  6. purse display
  7. lighting (fabulous chandelier and wall sconces) *on DIMMERS*
  8. wood floors (to replace bedroom carpet)
  9. accent tray from Tory Burch
  10. curtains with acrylic rod and rings
Here are the photos of us opening the glorious Tory Burch tray!

I cannot wait to show you the finished product! Before and after photos coming soon! 

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