Monday, January 27, 2014

{within-spiration | creating an inspiration board}

Today's Within-spiration comes from my desk. As I was organizing the office last week I realized how much I really loved having an inspiration zone. My desk is typically very organized, but my inspiration pin board is never organized. It's the one space that I can just put things randomly (well artistically randomly). Here is a snapshot of what it looks like today. I've posed about it in the past but it changes a few times a year. So what inspires me? Right now on the board we have:

  • a postcard from Europe from my brother Dominic of AZ Foto
  • a letter from one of my employees and dear friend, Natalie 
  • a birthday card for Within Studio when we turned 8 years old 
  • Dragon napkin holder from a cool restaurant
  • a brochure for Belle Epoque Upholstery because they are awesome
  • a Queen of Clubs from a magician who blew my mind, Kenny Stewart 
  • postcard from childhood friend who lives in Seattle
  • business card from client/best friend that lives in Holland: What Else Matters 
  • sketch that my sister made of me while I was dressed up as a gangster (you just had to be there)
  • sketch of the Eiffel Tower drawn by my nephew
  • invitation to a beautiful Mexican wedding
  • a students first business card
  • sticky note from Knock Knock given to me by my husband
  • Peanuts Gang ID card from a Halloween event (again you just had to be there)
  • Invitation to our Grand Opening party many years ago
  • Seashells from an island far far away
  • Cashout voucher from various Vegas casinos from my first trip there (all .01 cent)
To summarize, I think that inspiration for 2014 will come from lots of love, friends, parties, and travels. Cheers to a fantastic New Year!


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