Wednesday, July 31, 2013

{within works | 2 fab antique shops}

Happy Wednesday! We'd love to share with you some photos from a recent Antique shopping trip we did. Natalie and I headed off to Magazine Street in New Orleans, Louisiana for some Southern Antique Inspiration! Our first stop was to Ecru Antiques & Interiors. There were so many amazing things to see. Furniture, accessories, bedding, jewelry, lighting...all amazing. Bonus is that they ship anywhere~ Ecru is French for "unbleached, raw" usually in reference to linen. That was the exact feeling Natalie and I had while browsing the gorgeous rooms. 
 Here are some of our favorite highlights from that shop. 

Our favorite pieces were the candle sconces and a gorgeous set of metal "crown" chandeliers. They were gorgeous! I cannot wait to have a pair myself!
Just a few doors down on Magazine Street we came upon Bremermann Designs. Walking through the doors I was instantly taken by the pattern on the wood floors. Super stunning. (see photo top left). My two favorite things in this shop were an antique oyster console table (never seen one before) and a woven cane chair that had a pattern painted on it. So refreshing and a great modern twist on a vintage chair. Genius!

There were so many great things to see, my eyes were spinning around every room. An amazing collection in this small home. We loved this shopping trip! If you want to visit these shops, here you go:

Ecru Antiques & Interiors
Regina or Destiny
3933 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA 70115

Gerrie Bremermann Interiors
3943 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA 70115504.891.7763

Here's a great list of merchants on Magazine Street in New Orleans
Here's a list of the best French Antique shops on Magazine Street
Here's another list with the top 5 antique shops on Magazine Street

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

{to-sigh-for | best glossy kiss}

We absolutely love trying out new products and sharing our finds with you. Thanks to Birchbox, we were introduced to the Mirenesse Glossy Kiss collection. Now, you should know that I never wear lipstick, ever. I prefer gloss or nothing at all. So this was a challenge for me to actually try it. I have to say, that for a lipstick that stays put and doesn't cake on my lips, this one did a graet job. I love that I did not need a lip liner AND that I could use it as a cheek tint in a pinch.

My skin tone is on the medium to light side and I have green undertones. I chose the #14 Perfect Kiss. So far, it's working great and catches the light nicely. What you do NOT see online is that it has a bit of glittery-goldness to it. For me, that makes it a night time lip color. So be prepared for that if you buy it. If you decide to blot and make it more matte (per the packaging instructions) the glitter stays put, just FYI. 
Two thumbs up for an evening look and for those of you that love bold color during the day, I think you'll love this too!
Happy Shopping!


Monday, July 29, 2013

{within-spiration | french market top 5}

Another week is here and it's time to find inspiration! We recently toured the French Market in New Orleans and were flooded with design ideas and Color Inspiration! We loved all of the pops of color everywhere. One suit that caught our eye was mixing sky blue with tangerine and a hint of brown. Oranges and Reds were everywhere. The ties were of streetcars and oysters! Everything had an element of Fun. We were instantly inspired! 

So how can we take this and add this much fun in our lives? In our office? In our fashion? In our homes?
Here are some of our favorite French Quarter inspired pieces....
  1. Yellow scalloped blouse with a funky necklace
  2. French country table with four chairs - painted a wild color
  3. Mini views for your home or office - love this art
  4. Nothing says New Orleans like Cafe Du Monde Beignets! Get the mix here.
  5. Kate Spade "Bourbon Street" bag
Happy Shopping!

Friday, July 26, 2013

{simply sweet | summer 2013}

Happy Friday! 
Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend? I just got back from taking my niece and nephews to LegoLand California. It was a much needed getaway for everyone. On our last day in San Diego, we took in a little beach time and I feel so incredibly refreshed. 
I could not have done it without the following things:
1. my fedora (this one is 100% paper and from The Gap)
2. my sunblock (this one is from MyChelle Dermaceuticals)
3. my camera (my favorite app is Hipstamatic)
I hope that your weekend is filled with great moment that you can capture and re-energize yourself with!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

{thursday's take two | sf girl by day}


IN MY DREAMS, I LIVE HERE: HANALEI.posted by victoria //// 26 comments
ahhh, to live in kauai, or anywhere in the hawaiian islands for that matter — even for just a little while. perhaps just have a little beach shack to retreat to now and then, unplug and disconnect from the weariness of the world. hanalei bay is a nice place for that — it’s ridiculously beautiful, with warm trade winds that blow through the skies keeping everything lush and green and clean. you can get up early and ride waves, get back home with your hair still damp with salty sea water, make yourself pineapple mango smoothies and take the morning in, nice and slowly. in my dreams, i could live here.i’d have a very casual eat-in dining area in the kitchen, very bright and airy like this favorite from domino magazine; i’d keep it a bit kitschy accessorizing whitewashed walls withstormy seascapes and perhaps hang my one of a kind vintage aqua scarf up; lots of light and pops of color will fill the rooms, like this one from remodelista; and naturally i have to hang one of those big swordfish so popular in beach shacks everywhere, via tria giovan.the living room would be a mix of a little mid-century modern and island style, with white washed floors to keep sweeping up the sand to a minimum. i think anthropologie’s jaco console would be a good fit — almost reminds me of a longboard; pretty paper lanterns to keep the look low key, via martha stewart; every good beach pad needs a hanging swing chair and i’m going to hang ryan tatar surf photos and embrace my inner hula girl with some vintage the bedroom, i’m going to get a little bit exotic, maybe even a little pineapple plantation style — like this bedroom photographed by chris court; and i’ll have a pretty white armoirepapered with island style prints; fresh flowers in vintage bowls will decorate my beside from the gardens; and of course, i’ll keep lots of tiger beer on hand, for all the darling surfer boysthat will surely be hanging about. one can dream.• top image via jerry lindholm.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

{within works | 5 tips for a focal wall}

Happy Wednesday!
We're back with a little sneek peak from one of our projects. We recently finished a giant remodel for one of our clients and are now working on the art/accessories placement for them. Our clients have so many amazing pieces, we did not know where to begin. We chose some of our favorites and created an art wall. The inspiration for this room is World Traveler. We layered tons of patterns and colors in the fabrics and pillows. Our finished product, was OK. Not great. Below you will see how the wall looks now. We realized that there was no wow factor in this placement. Our client felt that it was just not "them" and she is right. Perhaps this would work for a catalog or styling photoshoot, but it does not have the Pop that it needs to have in a home that is full of excitement and energy.

So we take this as a learning experience and we go back to the drawing board. We need more drama on this wall. We've come up with a plan to add more textures by adding multiple throw rugs in the room as well as a bigger focal point in the space. Below is our latest inspiration for this room:

To get a big bang for your buck, we suggest the following:
1. invest in a great focal point (for example a great mirror or art piece) look for lines and craftmanship, color can always be changed
2. work with what you have - recover great furniture, showoff your plate collection
3. learn to use paint (on walls, furniture, etc.) it makes a huge difference and does not cost a lot
4. don't be scared to layer, layer, and layer - it adds depth and interest to your space
5. ask for help (designers, friends, upholsterers)

Good Luck!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

{to-sigh-for | best cheek tint ever}

Time for Editor's Pick of the week! We've definitely mentioned this product before, but we love it so much we have to mention it again:
Hands Down the best cheek and lip tint ever is made by Benefit.
p.s. for your Birchbox fans, you can also get Benetint here.

Birchbox Breakdown

In 1977, Jane and Jean Ford, the twin sisters behind Benefit, met a local dancer who requested a long-lasting red pigment that wouldn’t budge during her shows. They listened, and this beloved rose lip and cheek stain was born. Year after year, it’s a bestseller for good reason: the translucent color leaves us with a natural flush so we look pretty, not made-up.

How it Works

This lightweight stain goes on sheer for buildable rosy coverage. The long-lasting formula is made with carmine rose petals and lasts for hours. Not surprisingly, it’s a staple with celebrities, makeup artists, and models (not to mention Birchbox staffers).

How to Use

Smile and dab three small strokes on the apples of your cheeks. Blend immediately, as the formula does dry quickly. Next, dot on your lips and blend with clean fingertips. Apply another layer if you want a deeper crimson hue.

Monday, July 22, 2013

{within-spiration | top 3 color trends for summer}

We are IN the middle of summer!  Where are you headed? Everyone we know has a little trip planned, do you? Color trends for this summer are taking us on a trip as well! Brigh, breezy and sunlit shades are beaming all around us. Ice cream tones and seaside colors are popping up all over this season. Swimming pool blues, corals, and soft citrons and cranberry! It's delicious and exciting! Below you will find our Top 3 Color trends for summer! Happy Shopping!

#1 - Blues and greens are going to be seen saturated and fun. You will see them placed alongside crisp white and sweet lime.

#2 - Not to be outdone, the succulent pinks are bringing a dose of tropical heat! Soft citron and fabulous blue are still making a cameo appearance in this pallete as well.

#3 - The third combination will include sea green and sweet lime paired with a pretty pink base.

Trend report thanks to Stylesight.

Friday, July 19, 2013

{simply sweet | beat the heat}

Happy Friday! 
Today's simply sweet is inspired by the HEAT we are feeling in Arizona! My goodness! Luckily we have amazing friends, with fabulous pools and views. And lets not forget the four legged company! This sweet girl is Jersey. 
Our wish for you this weekend is to find some ME time. Or I guess, some YOU time. It's the middle of July! Lets take in this summer like no other!

Stay cool! & Sweet =)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

{thursday's take two | 7 tips for small space living}

It's almost Friday! Let us help you get through today with a little re-tweet from a great online Magazine named 3Story Magazine. They did a great short story on small spaces and asked us to give them a few tips. It's a great read! Enjoy!

Does size matter?

In this climate of economizing, downsizing and tree-hugging, yes it does. Small is big, even in the expansive south-west. Cover photo by Chad 1
Photo by Chad Goebel
At just 64 sq ft, Chad Goebel's guest studio isn't even big enough to be called a studio. So he calls it a pod.

Photo by Chad Goebel

It stands at the bottom of his yard in downtown Tucson, and was born of the patio doors from the main house. When Chad had the doors replaced, he eyed the old ones and started thinking. He looked at some plans in DIY magazines, pored over some ads in Dwell, then drew up his own, original plans for a guest pod. It helps that Chad's business is interior design; he works for his family's firm, Goebel Interiors.

Inside the 'pod'. Photo by Gillian Drummond
 The sliding patio doors dictated its width, as did local building guidelines that stipulate a structure under 120 square feet does not require a permit. He bought everything he could at Home Depot, he says, including the wood frame, the redwood fencing that forms the base, and the fiber cement HardieTrim Boards that acts as a fascia. He added horizontally placed sheets of corrugated aluminum for extra interest.
The interior is a lesson in not only space saving but thriftiness: an IKEA sofabed (price: $180); a rug bought for $200 and cut to fit; IKEA shelving; a white table from; remnants of fabric from previous interior design jobs; a small air conditioning unit; and a metal stool found in a dumpster. He estimates that the whole guest pod cost just $2700.
Chad shares the main house with his writer partner, who works out of an upstairs loft. The guest pod was built as Chad's personal space - a place for him to read, work on the computer or nap. But it also serves as a guest bedroom for friends.
3 Story's Madeleine Boos is no stranger to making the most of small spaces, having lived and worked in a 550 square foot studio apartment in downtown Chicago. Set in a 1960s high-rise building, the unit had its original finishes: dark linoleum floor tiles, metal bi-fold closet doors, a small dark kitchen with minimal storage, and a vinyl accordion room divider.
Photo by Madeleine Boos
Wanting an open, light and efficient plan, Madeleine took on the design and total gut renovation for about $40,000. Walls were removed and a clerestory window was added to the bathroom so all areas could receive natural light. By replacing an under-used coat closet with new cabinetry (and a place to conceal the refrigerator), the kitchen became open, spacious and extended into the living area.studio_04
Photo by Madeleine Boos
Photo by Madeleine Boos
"There are simple ways to make a space feel larger," says Madeleine. "Use one type of continuous flooring to create an expansive and unified feel. Tuck microwave ovens and other small appliances below the counter so your eye travels uninterrupted. Likewise, in the bathroom, place accessories and toiletries in drawers or up in a cubbie and medicine cabinet. A clear surface feels spacious and calming too."
Tucson interior designer Florencia Turco DeRoussel of Within Studio has worked on projects ranging from 60-plus acres to "the smallest of elevators". She has also worked on mobile homes. These not only have specific space requirements, they have their own weight requirements too, she says.
"We need to be careful in the floorings and counters that we choose, for example. These small homes need more storage, but they also need to have multi-function rooms. They need to be able to have larger dinner parties and movie nights. These same rooms need to transform into guest quarters and offices," says Florencia, whose small space tips include multi-functional furniture and clever use of mirrors (see below, It's not the size, it's what you do with it).
She adds: "What I am seeing now is people being smarter with their money and what they are choosing to invest in. My clients are purchasing better quality items and less quantity of items."Cristallo Table Image
"Cristallo" as coffee table.
Photos courtesy of Resource Furniture

One company hoping to ride on the back of both of these trends - small space living and smarter buying - is Resource Furniture, a company that specializes in efficient use of space. Living small is getting huge, says Resource Furniture's President and co-founder Ron Barth. He puts it down to three things: migration to cities from the suburbs for jobs; a depressed economy in which homeowners are reluctant to move house; and the 'tree hugging' factor - the fact that consumers don't want to use or buy in excess.
Ron is seeing a demand for what he calls "micro-unit" living spaces, and the interest is from all over the country. Resource Furniture operates five showrooms in North America and Canada. The large amount of inquiries his company was getting from California led it to add a sixth, in Los Angeles, which opens this month.
"Cristallo" transformed to dining table. Photos courtesy of Resource Furniture
"We get a higher percentage of customer inquiries from California than even New York, and these are from the Los Angeles area, not San Francisco," says Ron. He says the amount of mid-century houses and small-space living in beach communities in L.A. is driving that demand.
Among Resource Furniture's space-saving furniture pieces is the Cristallo, a coffee table with glass top and metal frame that adjusts to various heights, including dining, thanks to a hydraulic lift system and two self-storing leaves. Prices start at $3,025.
Lollisoft living 3
Loffisoft bunk-beds. Photo courtesy of Clei/Resource Furniture
 Lollisoft living 1
Loffisoft bunk-beds tucked away. Photo courtesy of Clei/Resource Furniture
Its Lollisoft IN bunk beds, made in Italy by Clei, fold to only 12.25” deep but extend to 39” deep. The beds are the length of an extra-large twin, and their steel frames, beechwood slats and real mattresses mean they're designed for daily use. Prices start at $6,600.
Ron justifies his price points with an assurance that all of the products carry a lifetime warranty, and argues that someone renting a smaller space in the middle of a city will save on commuting time, and have less furniture to buy than they would living in the suburbs.
Resource Furniture's numbers speak for themselves: a website with 10,000 unique visitors a day; up to 300 emails a day; and YouTube videos demonstrating its products with more than seven million views.
Many of the company's space-saving furniture pieces are currently on display at a mock 325 sq ft apartment, part of an exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York showcasing design solutions for the city's changing demographics.

It's not the size, it's what you do with it

Florencia Turco DeRoussel of Within Studio offers these tips for small space living:
Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 10.58.58 PM
Florencia Turco DeRoussel. Photo by Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli
1. Invest in multi-purpose furniture. "Use a chair that pulls out into a twin sleeper, and learn to love ottomans. These guys can go under tables and in corners or at the foot of a bed. They transform into tables or hidden storage, and they're a great way to add seating without taking up space."
2. Invest in a cabinet builder/craftsman you like. "Pick one that you really like to build pieces that are scaled and custom-built for your space."
3Be smart with your walls. "A room divider can be extremely helpful if used correctly. A wall can have storage on one side and wall space on another. It can help divide space without closing them off from each other, and can add drama and visual interest."
4Curtains create magic. "Long curtains create drama but also can give the illusion of taller ceilings and larger windows. Use them to separate a room (instant guest quarters) or to hide much-needed storage."
5. Mirrors, mirrors and more mirrors. "They instantly add light and space. Strategically placed, they can double a room's apparent size. Place a plant in front of a mirror and you have a huge bouquet. Place a mirror opposite your window and now you have views on both sides of your home."
 6. Use all of your home. "There are secret storage spaces wherever you look. There are lots of areas that you can use as storage if you really look. There are all kinds of furniture pieces that come with hidden storage compartments. Get them."
7. Purge and donate. "Most of us keep a lot of stuff and then have storage units for more stuff. We keep grandma's old chair because we think we may use it one day, or her favorite sweater. Why not a photograph of grandma in her chair? If it's not an antique, use some of the fabric or wood from the chair and make a picture frame. Be smart about what you store and the rest just donate. You will downsize your life and upsize your heart."
* Resource Furniture's new Los Angeles showroom, at 314 N. Crescent Heights Blvd, opens officially June 21. Visits are available by appointment only until then. Contact

Below is the FULL interview with Florencia DeRoussel
1. Invest in multi-purpose furniture.
 A chair that pulls out into a twin sleeper:
2. Invest in a cabinet builder/craftsman that you really like to build pieces that are scaled and custom built for your space. It will blend effortlessly into your room.
A space like this can add much needed storage as well as a work area.
3. Be smart with your walls. A room divider can be extremely helpful if used correctly.  A wall can have storage on one side and wall space on another, and it can help divide spaces without closing them off from each other. Your walls can add drama, visual interest, and be extremely multi-purpose at the same time. Use your vertical space for storage.
4. Learn to love Ottomans. These guys can go under tables and in corners or at the foot of a bed. They transform into tables or hidden storage. A great way to add seating to a space without taking up space.
5. Curtains create magic. Long curtains create drama, but also can give the illusion of taller ceilings and larger windows. Interior design has a lot to do with psychology and fooling the mind. A lot of smoke and mirrors. A curtain can be used to separate rooms (instant guest quarters) or to hide much needed storage. Inexpensive Ikea shelving can be hidden behind a wall of curtains.
6. Mirrors Mirrors and More mirrors. They instantly add light and space to a room. Strategically placed mirrors can double a rooms apparent size. Place a plant in front of a mirror and now you have a Huge bouquet. Place a mirror opposite your window and now you have views on both sides of your home.
7. Use all of your home. There are secret storage spaces everywhere you look. This goes hand in hand with #1 - multipurpose furniture. You will find that there are lots of areas that you can use as storage if you really look. How many of us throw all kinds of things under our beds? (see attached storage bench). There are all kinds of furniture pieces that come with hidden storage compartments. Get them. In a small home you will be happy for the extra little spaces.
This is also true with #2 - the craftsman. He can help you use the unused parts of your kitchen. See below:
Channel your inner child and ask him/her...where would you want to hide your secret'll be amazed at all the possibilities that are right under your nose..or feet. This can also be combined with #5 (curtains).

8. Purge and Donate. Most of us keep a LOT of stuff..and more stuff and then have storage units for more stuff. We keep grandma's old chair because we think we may use it one day, or her favorite sweater. Why not a photograph of grandma in her chair? If it is not an antique, use some of the fabric or wood from the chair and make a picture frame. That is something you can see every day and it's much smaller. Be smart about what you store and the rest just donate! There are so many people out there in need. You will downsize your life and upsize your heart! Give!
Q & A with 3Story Magazine
[3S] Are you seeing more downsizing going on with the people and spaces you're working on in Tucson?
[FD] I am not seeing as much downsizing now as I did in 2008 and 2009. What I am seeing now is people being smarter with their money and what they are choosing to invest in. My clients are purchasing better quality items and less quantity of items. My clients' main concern these days is storage. Many of the homes in Tucson do not have as much storage as my clients are used to. We have no attics and no basements and a lot of the older homes don't even have sufficient closet space. So what do we do with all of our stuff? That's where I say Purge and Donate!  You will downsize your life and upsize your heart!

[3S] What are some examples of small spaces you have worked on in Tucson?
[FD]  I have definitely worked on projects of all sizes. From 60+acres to the smallest of elevators. The smallest homes that I have worked on have been mobile homes. They have specific design requirements, one of which is space and another is weight. So we need to be careful in the floorings and counters that we choose for these spaces (for example). These small homes need more storage, but they also need to have multi-function rooms. They need to be able to have larger dinner parties and movie nights. These same rooms need to transform into guest quarters and offices. Clients don't need to spend a lot of money on expensive furniture or remodeling, they just need someone to help guide them on how to get the biggest bang for their buck, that's where interior designers are an amazing investment and really worth their weight in gold. 

You can follow 3Story Magazine on Facebook and Twitter.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

{within works | 4 ideas for a fussy fireplace}

We're working on a Fireplace and need inspiration! Can I just say how thankful I am for great websites like Houzz and Pinterest? They are lifesavers really!
For this project, we were studying different things to do with a not-so-attractive fireplace. It is currently covered with giant river rocks and completely overpowers the small home.

Some options we came up with were:
a) fill it with something fun (firewood, books)
b) cover it up with sheetrock and great paint
c) paint it a fun color and add a mantel
d) remove the fire portion all together and make it a nook

What would you do if you had an ugly fireplace?
We'd love to hear some suggestions!
~within studio

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

{to-sigh-for | vegetarian tacos never tasted so good}

It's been a while since we blogged about Food! So today is the day! We are infusing our To-Sigh-For segment with our Within Eats segment. Perfect Pair!
For today's post we decided to pick a local Tucson restaurant and share some of its deliciousness with you. Ths restaurant opened in March of 2013 and has been a mega hit ever since. Their Mexico City cuisine is super tasty and lets not forget to mention their cocktails! They have a Sangria that actually tastes like Christmas! Who knew?!
I'm vegetarian, and I can tell you that the options are great. The rajas tacos are delicious! Here is a photo of my last meal below. I ordered my rajas tacos with a side salad and it was super filling yet I didn't feel uncomfortable when I left. Two forks way up for these guys!

Penca Restaurante
50 E. Broadway Blvd.
Tucson, AZ 85701 


Monday, July 15, 2013

{within-spiration | 3 must have summer pieces}


Today's inspiration comes from pink pants! Yes indeed! I've had these pink jeans in my closet since an 80's party that I went to a few months ago, and I had no idea what else to do with them. So, I went online to find some inpiration. Sure enough, there were plenty of images to choose from.

I narrowed it down to my top three and then chose one to try to copy for work. I chose the photo in the bottom left but had to add a jacket for a work meeting that I was attending. My challenge was to ONLY use clothes that I already had in my closet, no shopping at all. I felt like summer all day long. 
You can create a similar look by using these items.

Splurge on Mytheresa cropped skinny jeans in pink for $366! or Save on Miraclebody pink jeans for $89.
Personally, I think gray and pink is a much better combination than black, so if you need a gray tailored suit jacket, here's one for $69 by Dorothy Perkins.
If you want a white lace tank, you can Splurge on this one by Intermix for $168 or save on this one by Charlotte Russe.
Happy Shopping!

Friday, July 12, 2013

{simply sweet}

Happy Almost Weekend! It's hot outside right? We're going to go cool off in the mountains. This is another reason why I love living in Tucson. In one hour I can drive up the mountain and be amidst pine trees and water! One of my favorite things to do in Mt Lemmon is to hike. My husband likes to rock climb, and that too is pretty fantastic. It's a great way to clear your mind of all of the to-do lists. The only thing running through my mind when I climb is "where is my left hand going to go?" Super liberating and I feel so very accomplished when I finish a climb.
After a great hike and climb, I treat myself to some ice cream or a piece of homemade fudge at the Mt. Lemmon General Store & Gift Shop.
I hope that whatever you do this weekend, you find a feeling of accomplishment and joy.


In the winter we have a little Ski Valley too!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

{thursday's take two | new york city house tour}

Happy Thursday friends! For today's re-tweet, we share with you one of our favorite bloggers of all time. Her name is Joanna Goddard and she lives in New York City. She has an amazing blog that I love to read, and I wanted to share one of my favorite "Home & Design" posts with you today. You can check out her blog by clicking Here. It's definitely worth a tweet and re-tweet. She's pretty awesome.

My friend Abbey Nova, of the blog Design Scouting, lives in a jawdroppingly beautiful apartment on the Upper West Side with her husband and three-year-old son. Their inspiring place looks straight out of a magazine. Want to take a peek?


Joanna: The photo ledge in your foyer is amazing. Who's in the photos?
Abbey: Me as a toddler; my parents in the 70s; the barn dance we held the night before our wedding. The portrait is of my great-grandmother Dorothy, who was a crackerjack, generous to a fault, and purportedly a psychic! I like to think she loves sitting up there and seeing her family hustle and bustle by.

Credit: Pendant lamp from West Elm.


I adore the "Food = Love" print. Can you tell us about that?
Food surely equaled love in my family growing up—we always ate dinner as a family, always, always. One day I just decided to go to Brooklyn and print this for my own family. While I was there I made a bunch, and now they're for sale on Etsy.
Are the blue stripes made from duct tape?
Yes! I bought a huge canvas at Michael's and made the stripes with white and blue duct tape. Originally it was hanging in the living room, but it was WAY too intense. We had a couple of dinner parties and I think our guests went home feeling dizzy.

The flowers in the sink are lovely.
Plants are a link to my Vermont upbringing. We were always barefoot and grubby growing up. As a kid, I was obsessed with the book The Language of Flowers. I just love tending to things; it gives me inordinate pleasure to keep green things alive in dark NYC apartments!

What would we always find in your fridge?
Cabot Cheddar, lots of mustard and Pimm's with all the fixings. Tim comes home from work, and we make Pimm’s Cups! We also like gin & tonics, especially after we found this amazing organic gin: Farmer's Botanical Gin.
The red framed drawings are too cute! When did Alex do them?
We've been hanging pictures for the past two years, and we're still adding. It was important to me to hang his artwork in the kitchen and his bedroom, but keep the other spaces feeling more grown-up.

What do you guys like eating as a family?
We're loving this fish dish right now, and Tim is cooking his way through Every Night Italian. Tim and Alex make smoothies in the morning, and Alex pretends to cook in his play kitchen while we're make dinner.

photo of a deer bed is so beautiful.Growing up in Vermont, I'd look out our kitchen window into a field, which had deer beds every morning. This is exactly what I saw when I woke up in the morning. This photo captures that from my childhood.
What are some of your favorite memories in this living room? 
Bringing Alex home from the hospital; all of our Christmases; our Febgiving feast; writing my thesis.

Art seems like a really important part of your life. What are some of your favorite pieces?
I once met a furniture dealer in her seventies, who had a HUGE and gorgeous collection of paintings in her office—literally four or five deep, just leaned up against the walls, not even hung. When I asked her about them, she laughed and said she didn’t know anything about art, but she bought the pieces that she just had to give a home. I feel the same way about the art in my house. Most of it is vintage; about half of it comes from eBay.
What's the story behind the photo-booth strips?

They're from our wedding. I love seeing all those happy faces every day.

The colors and patterns are great.

We were lucky enough to work with interior decorator Jenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook, which was amazing. In particular she's a genius with fabric. She chose the drapes in the living room and kitchen and thought up all the pillows in the house, including hot pink pillows in the bedroom, which I'd never have thought of.

Credits: Sofa from Room & Board; armchairs are vintage; deer bed photograph byKatherine Wolkoff; round wooden stools that Jenny Komenda found for us. Yellow-and-white striped rug is wall-to-wall carpeting remnant from ABC Home basement that we had bound.

Can you tell us about the wallpaper behind your bed?
It's reproduction of a French Zuber wallpaper from the 1800s called the Bay of New York. As a decorative arts grad student, I had been researching Zuber wallpaper and came across a large digital file. I was able to blow it up and print it using Wizard Prints. You can print your own removable wallpaper with any big image—a family photo, a vacation snapshot...

Everyone has a theory about how to create a comfy bed. What's yours?
Cotton sheets, lots of pillows and a good reading light! I’m a bookworm. The most luxurious thing to me is climbing into freshly laundered sheets; the thread count doesn't matter as much.

Credits: Cotton sheets are from Room & Board; duvet cover is from Frette; nautical wall lamps are vintage (found by Jenny Komenda); bed is from Room & Board; tables are from West Elm; pink chair is from ABC Home; neon purse is from 
Cambridge Satchel Company

What’s Alex really into playing with these days? (Fire trucks maybe?:)
I love the age of three—imaginative play kicks into high gear. Alex is always making up stories and games. we build the Brooklyn Bridge out of blocks every morning.

What advice would you give to new parents about decorating a child's room?
Get a comfy chair, a soft rug and floor pillows. I cannot believe how much time I spent on the floor in the first two years. And a radio so you can listen to NPR/news/music.
Credits: Blue-and-white rug from Ikea; teepee from 

Land of Nod; become-who-you-are print from Keep Calm Gallery; whale and animal tea towels from Enormous Champion; white bin shelves from Ikea; red-and-white chevron pillows from ABC Home; bed from Ikea; wooden airplane and globe are vintage; fire engine sheets (which I adore!!!) are from the brand Hillcrest. I bought them at TJMAXX but you can buy them online, too.

What do you want your home to feel like overall?
The best compliment is when people come over and don’t want to leave. I also want my husband and son to be comfortable—it’s not just my house, it’s our house. Tim is over six feet tall, so I want the couch to be big enough, the chairs a good height, the bed to be right. Then for Alex, I want it to be safe for him to play in every room; I had a babyproofer come and mount everything so that we weren’t always having to say “no.” 

What will you miss when you move?
Our neighbors. We have the world’s slowest elevator, so we chat a lot with them! There’s a woman on the third floor who pinches Alex's cheek, and the woman who lives above us teaches voice lessons, so we can always hear people singing.

Such a gorgeous place! Thank you so much, Abbey! Don’t you want to move right in? :)

P.S. Our friends Matt and Megan's NYC house tour.

(Styling by Kendra Smoot; photos by Seth Smoot for A Cup of Jo.)
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