Wednesday, February 27, 2013

{within works | studio sjoerd jonkers}

Today's post is one of our most exciting yet!
While visiting Amsterdam we had the pleasure of meeting with Sjoerd Jonkers of Studio Sjoerd Jonkers. We could not believe our eyes!
Everywhere we turned there was something beautiful to look at, to touch, to take a photo of....
Words could not describe how amazing this visit was! Sjoerd took us through his Studio and Showroom. One item was more beautiful than the next.
We had no idea of the wonders you could create from recycling tshirts.
Sjoerd showed us how strips of unused shirts can be transformed into floor mats and stools and ottomans.
Through a specialized weaving process, his Studio creates some gorgeous decorative pieces.
He also showed us how unused foam pices can be transformed into modern outdoor cushions.
But our most favorite pieces were these Neolastic Vases and stools! Check out how it's done here:

For more on Studio Sjoerd Jonkers, check out these videos below!

You can check out more great photos on his Facebook Page Here.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

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{within works | hush salon & spa}

Today we are happy to re-post a blog from Tri|Kes Wallcovering that was recently published about Within Studio
Hush Salon & Day Spa was recently finished and opened! Hope you enjoy the post! 

February 13, 2013 |
Florencia DeRoussel of Within Studio LLC in Tucson, Arizona recently sent us these photos (courtesy of Christopher Lee Bowden of Christopher Bowden Photography LLC) of an installation her company did for the Hush Salon and Day Spa in Tucson. The installation featured Symphony's Rock 'N' Scroll (AZ52467RS).
According to Florencia, the Hush Salon and Day Spa is an energetic, "rock 'n' roll", "sexy", cool salon and the owners wanted everyone to feel the vibe and absolutely love coming to work and coming to get their hair cut. Their goal was to engage everyone in the fun atmosphere. They wanted to create multiple seating areas as well as exciting experiences in every space (shampoo room, drying station, makeup area, pedicure room, etc...).
Florencia says that Symphony's Rock 'N' Scroll was chosen by Within Studio for its...well..."Rock 'N' Scroll" feel that really jived with the clients. It was girly enough and tough enough at the same time. They chose the largest wall in the salon to hang the wallcovering, and it's their favorite focal point.
Christopher Bowden Photography LLC
*Within Studio LLC:

Monday, February 25, 2013

{within-spiration | 15 must see street art installations}

Happy Monday Designistas! Are you ready for a fabulous week? 
We decided to start the week off with some ART inspiration from the lovely Amsterdam. During our trip we were amazed at the work that we saw on every corner.
Within Studio wanted to share this with you! Check out some of our favorite photos:

We hope you enjoyed this break as much as we did! 
~within studio

Friday, February 22, 2013

{simply sweet | coffee + apple pie}

For today's Simply Sweet post..we are going very literally sweet! It's our last Simply Sweet for February and we have to end it right!
So our wish for you this weekend? It's to endulge in something delicious! Full fat, full sugar, full yummy! You deserve it!
For inspiration we are sharing with you photos from our Dutch trip...some Irish Coffee and apple pie =)


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

{within eats}

Good Morning Desingistas!
We felt that you may want a little wine for your inspiration break, so we bring you SoVine in Amsterdam.
Within Studio was lucky to enjoy a delicious wine tasting evening with the team of What Else Matters in the Netherlands. This wine bar was filled with positive energy, delicious food, and tasty wines. So Vine.

We hope that you find some time to get out and enjoy yourself after work! 
So if you need a little inspiration...why not start with this Wine Aroma Tasting Kit. OR perhaps you need some Gilt Taste.
If you don't finish your wine, you can use this fabulous crystal-encrusted stopper from ShopBop.
Have a great rest of your week!

Monday, February 18, 2013

{within-spiration | moooi furniture}

For this week's Within Shops segment we take you to Moooi. Here is another gorgeous find that we ran into in Amsterdam. Everything in this showroom was Art! The lighting was the first thing we noticed. My personal favorite was the gi-normous white chandelier! I was dieing to bring it home to Within Studio and hang it in our office. But, alas, it was too large.

Nevertheless, we are determined to bring this to Tucson in some way! Someday
After we recouped from falling in love with the lights, we did it all over again with their furniture and accessories. It was one wonderful piece after another. Our favorite, the pig table, for sure...followed by the deconstructed Louis IV was all amazing! All these shots were taken with our iphone, so you can imagine that they are much better looking in person!

We highly recommend checking out the Moooi Website Here.
Happy Shopping!

Friday, February 15, 2013

{simply sweet | european inspiration}

Where are you off to this weekend lovelies? Are you going for a nice walk? Or perhaps you are headed up the mountains? Are you still burried under snow? Wherever you go, I hope you are surrounded by nature! Get out and do something wonderful tomorrow! Maybe just a walk in the park with your favorite four legged friend? For us, it will be a nice long walk and a hot cup of ...chai latte perhaps! Stay warm this weekend!

Here are more photos from our European Inspiration Vacation! 


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

{within eats | 3 links to help you go dutch}

It wouldn't be a complete week for me if I didn't photograph my food! So today we want to talk about FOOD! But not just any food...the art of the Dutch Open-Faced Sandwich! At first I wondered how the Dutch ate so much food and stayed so trim, but now I get it! They don't eat a foot long Subway Sandwich. They open up their sandwiches to the experience of everything inside of it! And lets not overlook the beautiful display of garnish. Most of these photos that I took come from pubs in Amsterdam. When was the last time your neighborhood pub served you a plate like this?

So if you need some more inspiration... here are some links for you..
The Dutch Table... food blog 
A Touch of Dutch...for shopping
All Recipies ...for a yummy vegetarian open-faced sandwich recipe
Bon Appetit!

Monday, February 11, 2013

{within fabrics | maharam & kvadrat}

Some of you may know of Maharam Textiles, but are you familiar with Kvadrat? If not, then you will be glad that you read our blog today! 
We had the pleasure of sitting down with Michael Lieshout at his Kvadrat showroom in Amsterdam. They are Europe's leading manufacturer of design textiles. We couldn't stop staring at their gorgous colors and well... the photos speak for themselves! Look at these colors! Here are photos from our visit with Michael..and of course no visit would be complete without some delicious chocolates!

You can find their products all over the world: Museum of Modern Art in NYC, the Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA, the Guggenheim Museum...and on and on...
Not only do they have great color, but they have released a new interlocking fabric tile concept called Clouds. They are fluid and dynamic, and dare we say...
simply fabulous!

So if you are looking for something fresh and exciting, may we suggest Kvadrat!

~within studio

If you want to go and visit Michael, here you go:

Kvadrat B.V.
Sarphatistraat 18
1018 GK Amsterdam, Holland

Friday, February 8, 2013

{simply sweet | holland memories}

The weekend is almost here! What are your plans? It is the second weekend of February and time is flying for us! Tucson is gorgeous this time of year.
For today's post we wanted to share some sweet moments from our Holland trip. One beautiful tulilp, one beautiful friend, one beautiful song, and one beautiful cup of tea!

I hope that your weekend is filled with sweet and beautiful things!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

{within works | light shopping in amsterdam}

You have made it mid week! Thank you for taking a break and checking out our blog for a few minutes!
We are still sharing our Holland adventures, and inspirations, and finds! Today si about lighting! We saw these amazing metal lights all over the city, but one store really caught our eye. It was Zenza Home Accessories. We could not stop staring at their pendant lights! So amazing! There were wall mounted sconces, flush mounted ceiling fixtures, but our heart went to the pendants. So well crafted and gorgeous. Here are some of the photos we snapped while in the shop.

We cannot wait to do an installation here in Tucson!

you can reach Zenza by clicking Here.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

{to sigh for | holland dining}

Good morning designistas! Or good afternoon if you are visitng us from another country!
Today we want to continue talking about Holland! We were there for three wonderful weeks in November and have been dieing to share the trip with you! We went for INspiration and boy did we find it! This week I am dedicating to The Netherlands! So for today's post I want to talk about FOOD! We had the most delicious cheese and vegetables and bread while we were there! The Dutch have cheese for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert! We could not believe it! Here are some shots from a dinner that one of the amazing local designers Sjoerd Jonkers and his amazing girlfriend Shibumi Tijssen created for us...... and we cannot forget to mention their dog Uma who was the life of the party!

So if you are in Amsterdam, I highly suggest that you look them up and say hello! They are so very kind, and they cook amazing food! We will have to ask Shibumi for her recipe for the amazing veggie pie and fresh salad. But we know that nothing will compare to the Cheese!
Cheers from Tucson! (although our heart is still in Holland)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

{within shops | holland}

During our recent visit to the Netherlands, we came across a Bylin Tulip Purse that we fell in love with!
We hadn't seen anything like it in the states! There were different sizes, coin purses, and even key chains. Something so sweet, and so Dutch!
We had to share this with you! What do you think of these beautiful tulips?
Perhaps just in time for a Valentines Day gift to yourself?

by-Lin® bv

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The Netherlands

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