Tuesday, December 31, 2013

{to sigh for | 12 favorite posts of 2013}

Happy New Years Eve Friends! What are you up to this evening? We are headed to a fabulous Fire and Ice Ball. One that we attend every year and cannot imagine missing! As we count down the hours 'til the New Year, we take a few minutes to reflect on the year past. My heart wants to explode with gratefulness for all of the new friends, clients, experiences, and love that 2013 brought me.

Within Studio truly had an amazing year! And so much to be thankful for! Here are some of our favorite posts from 2013
  1. Our photoshoot reveal in January
  2. 15 must see art installations in Amsterdam in February
  3. The best gluhweine recipe in March
  4. A residential remodel in April
  5. A summer simply sweet post in May
  6. Best eyelash extensions in June
  7. 2 fabulous antique shops in July
  8. A contemporary southwest residence in August
  9. AZ Foto inspiration in September
  10. Simply sweet true love post in October
  11. Discovering Too Strong in November
  12. 10 tips for the perfect headshot in December

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