Wednesday, November 20, 2013

{within works | 4 bathrooms to inspire}

Good Morning!

We're working on an administration building for a local tribe and wanted to share with you just a few of the inspiration images that we will be sharing with them today. We are looking for a modern southwest feel perhaps with a bit more modern than southwest. Below are just four of the 12+ inspiration photos we will show them. What do you think? The architect was interested in doing a subway tile and we suggested that we stay away from white and perhaps use different tones/materials to achieve his subway look without the all white "cold" feel that tends to come with it.


Another thing to note is that although white grout looks amazing it is not suggested for floor application. In a residence you can get away with it, but for a commercial building I would not recommend it at all. It will be a terror to keep clean. There are some specialty grouts out there that are made to resist staining but be ready to dig deep in your wallet for them. It's safest to use darker grout in commercial spaces and you can use lighter grout on the walls where you will not encounter spills or standing water. Just a thought. =)

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