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Good Morning Designistas! Happy Monday!

Today I want to share with you the art of Tina Mion. I was introduced to her art while on my anniversary trip. My husband and I stayed at La Posada Hotel and fell in love with the historic hotel and it's gorgeous gardens. On the second floor there was a ton of art on display. It was shocking at first, well actually, it was shocking every time I walked up the stairs. It stayed with me for a long time, so I thought that I should photograph the pieces and share them with you here. Curious to see what you think. Some are quite controversial. Some are just plain comedic. Others were very melancholy. 

Last Call (2010) 

"The old woman is dressed for a trip, though, she is uncertain where. After a long wait she has answered her final call. Now she is free from her wheelchair and cane. They still cast shadows, but she does not - she is in mionland. The last time I saw my grandmother was the year we bought La Posada. We had gone back east and taken her out of her nursing home for a happy laugh-filled Thanksgiving at the shore. When I dropped her off and said goodbye I could not drag myself away. I snuck back through the snow for one final look through her window knowing I would never see her again. She looked out at the night-blackened sky and started to cry. She was in the late stages of Alzheimer's and she looked so lost. The eyes in the painting are my grandmother's that last night. She answered her call a few months later."

A New Years Party in Purgatory for Suicides in which Liberace makes a guest appearance dwon from heaven just for the hell of it. (2004)

"In 2003 I began a series of Purgatory Paintings. In this, the first, I take a more compassionate look at suicides by inviting them to this party. That's me blowing the noisemaker to heral them out of Hell. Since a suicide defined the end of each guest's time on earth, a party that marks the passage of time seemed somehow revelant. The guests bear reminders of their final acts . . . Liberace did not commit suicide but loves a party, especially one with so many interesting guests, so he is visiting them from heaven. One of his poodles sits on his lap, thus answering the question "do dogs have souls?""

"Some of the guests front row starting from the left: Virginia Wolfe, Jim Morrison, Sylvia Plath, Ernest Hemingway, Liberace, poodle, Ann Escton, Arshile Gorky, Tina Mion (painter), George Eastman. Second row from the left: Jimi Hendrix, Bobby Kielt, Marilyn Monroe, Kurt Cobain, Patrick Ashenfelder, Charlie Parker, Sid Vicious, Diane Arbus, young girl with birthday cake, Billie Holiday, Judy Garland..."

The Elk (2007)

"Photographs of elk and deer as trophies, dead deer on the side of the road, elk and deer heads on walls - so common as to barely draw more than a passing glance. Simply laying the animal on clean whit sheets, paying it the post-mortem respect we usually reserve for humans, completely changes the emotional resonance."

What's Lost (2009)

"The sun has just set the wind is steady and you have stumbled upon an event. "Shhh don't talk, look" says the figure in the center, the narrator faces you speaking through a puppet - all great stories have a narrator and this is the tale of the human condition a tale about what's lost: our youth, our health, our dreams - and, if we were to live long enough, everyone we love and possibly our planet. Love holds a valentine she is kneeling on glass and smoking a cigarette because love is painful and imperfect. Age sinks in the water only her eyes show. Next to her are human soulds in shape of birds and human bodies in the form of matches one has yet to be struck (that is the painter, because I am still alive). My sweet dog that died as I began this painting floats both on the water (her body) and away on the boat (her spirit). The witness in red stocking stares as the melodrama unfolds, unaware that an even greater tragedy has been unleashed behind her in the form of missiles. Wisdom is an elephant rides in on the horizon, too late?"

Leaving the Emerald City (2010)

"Scene: The White House, red poppies representing dead soldiers and civilians. Actors in the Melodrama: Dick Cheney as OZ. Remember all the speculation his secret hiding place? Behind the curtain pulling the strings. Donald Rumsfeld as the tin man - always cranky because he needed more oil. Colin Powell as the cowardly lion - put loyalty over courage and kept his mouth shut. Condi Rice as Dorothy - if I click my heels three times everything will turn out ok? George Bush as the scarecrow - fumbling his words as if coughing up straw, risen higher than he should have."


And a few more....

I was really impressed with the detail of Nancy's eyes in this piece. Her head was almost as big as I am tall. Well done!

Hope you enjoyed our little tour!

Have a great week!


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