Tuesday, November 26, 2013

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Ah today we have something special for you! We recently met the creators and master minds behind Too Strong and are thrilled to share this post with you! Too Strong is US made clothing done right. These guys are making fabulous jeans and shirts made from Arizona cotton and copper. Love that!
"Not only does the name "Too Strong" sound like "Tucson", it is foundational to our philosophy; our products and our ethics must also be rock solid."
I found these guys via their Instagram feed, they found Me and then I found them. They were showcasing their Weekender bag and I fell in love. I knew I had to have one. So I went to my father, owner of Belle Epoque Upholstery and asked him for his leather remnants. I'm not a leather girl, but if I have it then I want to make sure I repurpose it and make it last as much as possible. I honestly do no like the idea of killing an animal for their fur but if it's there, I feel that I can honor them by making sure every single scrap of the leather is used. And so, I took a tub full of remnants to Too Strong and asked them to build me a bag.

Ofcourse I made sure to find red leather for the interior, since that is the Within Studio trademark. The end result was basically bulletproof. 

Thrilled with the result and with this company. I highly recommend emailing them for an appointment...INFO@TOOSTRONGUSA.COM

"Also we'll take "Its 110 degrees outside, get me some shorts and a T shirt you idiot."We accept that. When we establish an appointment we'll send you the address, then you come over and check out our goods and drink beer with us. Or, if you're not much of a drinker we have whiskey too. Unfortunately right now, it is not a place to stop by on a whim and browse. Soon but not now. Its open for appointments mainly nights and weekends."

For their latest items you can check out their This Just In page.
Oh and P.S. I am crazy about this detail and want it for my skinny jeans:
This fabric is ridiculous. Look at the red and blue selvage line on the cuff! HOW PATRIOTIC IS THAT, PAUL?!Cone Mills in North Carolina is the "last man standing" so to speak, in the American selvage denim production world. A casualty of industrialization, every other quality focused denim mill was forced to fold by the mid 1900s. But, Cone Mills at White Oak is doing better than ever, and this fabric is proof. Natural Selvage is simply cotton that has been woven into denim but not dyed with indigo. Its not bleached white, its more ivory or cream. We stock two different brands in our shop that have used the same fabric for their jeans. Taylor Stitch offers a relaxed mid-rise yet tailored fit with this fabric, and Carter's has a slightly more slim fitting option. Both are built to endure the long haul, you'll have these for many many years. Don't fret about keeping them clean, we have mastered that art and are happy to share it with you. It starts with Doc Brohnners, of course. If that soap doesn't do the trick, we have found much relief in eco-friendly bleach powder at health food stores.

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