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We were recently interviewed by To Market about Hush Salon and Spa and wanted to share it here!

Getting Loud with Hush!

No, it’s not a mirage; Hush Salon and Day Spa is truly an oasis in the desert that is Tuscon, AZ. One step into this cool and creative atmosphere that offers every service anyone has ever dreamed of, and you know you’re in the right place. And the best part about it? Hush Salon boasts fabulous looking flooring by yours truly – Ozogrip Modern Woods 26706 to be exact! Florencia DeRoussel, principal from Within Studio and designer of Hush, was kind enough to let us pick her brain about some of her inspirations when creating this incredible space.

From what did you draw inspiration for the design of this project? My clients are super rock ‘n’ roll fun; my inspiration came from them. This is the second salon we did for the owners, and this timeWithin Studio wanted to create a space that was both hot and fabulous. I wanted to blend warm and cool tones and add a bit of edginess to the space.

What made you decide that To Market was the right fit for this project? There are many wood vinyl products out there, but I was looking for something that would give my clients more support on their feet. To Market’s Ozogrip has anti-fatigue properties, as well as acoustic properties. These two items were high on my priority list. My clients are hair architects and they are on their feet all day long. I knew this “wood” vinyl was the way to go for them. I also needed all of the sound absorption that I could get.

As a designer, do you make an effort to use sustainable and eco-friendly products in your projects? If so, what innovations in eco friendly design most excite you? I definitely make an effort to use sustainable and eco-friendly products when possible. The innovations that most excite me are the ones that are making green products more affordable and accessible to the masses. When it comes down to it, clients look at the bottom line, and many times the cheaper product will win over the green product. I’m looking forward to the day when it’s all green and we don’t have to choose based on price.

When designing a project for the service industry, what parts of the customer experience do you try to keep in mind? Does this have a large influence in your decision making process? I like to put myself in the shoes of the client and of their clients. Each client is going to want a different experience, so in Hush Salon‘s case I wanted my clients to feel energized and comfortable when walking into their salon. I wanted everyone (the receptionist, the interns, the nail technicians, the hair dressers, the owners) to feel that this was their rock ‘n’ roll space, uniquely designed for them; their home away from home. I wanted their clients to walk in and instantly know that this was Hush Salon. I wanted them to wonder if their other location was in New York City. For me, it’s all about taking away the intimidation and making everyone feel comfortable, hip and happy. That’s what Tucson’s all about!

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