Wednesday, September 4, 2013

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Happy Wednesday! Time to share with you a bit more of our work! Today's fabulous client is Zanes Law. Working with this group was simply amazing! Here are some photos (not retouched yet so you are getting the sneak peek).

The reception desk was made of a beautiful natural stone and we highlighted the central part with a Maya Romanoff beaded wallcovering.

This is their "War Room". It's spectacular! The Haworth tables were chosen so that the team members could change the layout of the room quickly and effortlessly. The Haworth chairs were coverd in a Luna Fabric that was luxe and heavy duty at the same time.

As you move through the space, you find different "break out zones" for teams to get together and share ideas. I wanted to make sure that these zones were easy to move as well as a fun space to be in. This is definitely not your typica law firm. These guys are family. You can feel it as you walk through the space. There is a lot of positive energy here.

We were fortunate to be chosen to help create this space for Zanes Law. We picked every material, every finish, every piece of furniture and art. An amazing client and super fun project.
Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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