Monday, September 16, 2013

{within-spiration | 4 inspiring desk views}

Good Morning Designistas! Today's Inspiration comes from three different desks. As I sit here in downtown Tucson and stare out at the Old Barrio I wonder what it would be like to be inspired by other views. Here are some of my favorites of the day:

I can almost feel the breeze from the street below.

This one is probably my favorite. Although I doubt that I would get any work done here.

Breathtaking view of the skyline.

I may just want to curl up on that couch and not work at all. 
For now though, I will stick with my Ikea desk and Haworth chair. =) Life is good.
Have a great week!

*photography thanks to Chris TubbsCraig Steely Architecture, and Eve Robinson

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