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Today we want to share with you a blogger that is dear to our hearts. Our beautiful friend Robin has a blog called Babies Design Food. It's spectacular. I went to design school with Robin and always thought she was so very talented, smart, and super sweet. When I read her posts, I am taken back to those great memories and I only wish that she and I didn't live so far apart from each other. 
Here is one of her more recent posts from her trip to Japan. I hope you enjoy it! Cheers!
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Kimono In Kyoto

Just back from an amazing journey to Japan to visit my BFF Rie.  We studied Interior Design together at LSU back in the day.  While there we went to Kyoto and had an extremely 'girlie' weekend during the first part of golden week:)  One of my favorite things was trying on an authentic kimono.
We went to Okamoto in Kyoto, Japan.... and we even made the blog, (everyone does...;) They had a room full of different options.  I had to choose the inside kimono, outside kimono, belt & rope tie.  After I choose these items downstairs, we went upstairs where we stood in front of a mirror while someone dressed us (very tightly FYI).  It cost about $50 to rent the kimono and we were able to wear it around all day.  Before we left they gave us a little bag to carry and shoes.
The best part?  You can leave your bags there and pick them up at the end of the day! 

Taking very small steps... we walked to nearby Kiyomizu-dera temple (established in 778!) in our kimono. 
Rie taught Japanese Buddhist temple customs and how to perform ablutions by the ritual washing your hands and rinsing your mouth. 
At the purification fountain near the shrine's entrance, you take one of the ladles provided and fill it with water.   Rinse both hands, one at a time, then transfer some water into your cupped hand and rinse your mouth (spit the water beside the fountain, not in). Be sure not to transfer the water directly from the ladle into your mouth or swallow the water.
When you are done, tilt up the ladle to let the remaining water run down the handle to rinse the stick where you held it.
Rie and I also got our fortune while at the temple.  I paid a small fee, shook around this cylinder container and picked out a long stick.  I gave the stick to a lady at the temple, who read a number and gave me a little piece of paper written in Japanese.  Luckily Rie was my translator:)
After we read the fortune we tied it to these metal bars in the temple.

 We stopped in the temple to have a small snack.
I had traditional green tea.  Rie taught me how to spin the cup in the palm of my hand before taking a sip.
Rie had the idea to take our picture behind this curtain... which was fun until a group of people stopped to also take our picture.  Um, not sure why they wanted a picture of a blonde girl in a kimono but... LOL!
Overall it was a really fun experience to try on the kimono and imagine what it was like to wear them way back when.  We tried to talk Zach into doing the "samurai experience" but.... he said no way... ;)

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