Friday, September 6, 2013

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Happy Friday Friends! We've made it through our first week of September!

For today's post we wanted to share something that was very sweet to me. While I was visiting Holland, I was approached by a young film maker looking to do a documentary on coffee. She thought I was Dutch at first and was speaking super fast when she came up to me. I politely said, in my little Dutch, that I was American and understood very little Dutch. We sat and chatted a bit about what she was doing and asked if I would mind being in her film. Would I ever? I'd love to be in it I said.
So the following week, I met her (Andreea), and we sat down and enjoyed a great cup of coffee. I have added the link to the video below, but it will not be up for long because Andreea would like to enter it into competitions. 
What I learned from this interview, which I shared with Andreea, is that here in the States we move super fast. Everything is go go go. I could not remember the last time that I had sat down and truly enjoyed a cup of coffee. Most of my coffee drinking happens in my car as I drive through a Starbucks and then head to the office. I thought about all of the meetings that I had ever had inside of a coffee shop. I never once paid attention to the coffee or tea. I can't even remember half of the people that I've spoken to there or what it was about. But I can tell you with my whole heart that I will never forget this hour that I had with Andreea in the middle of Amsterdam. I remember that my barrista was blonde. I remember the taste of both of my cappuccinos. I remember the snow falling on the bikes outside. I remember the smell of that coffee shop. I remember Andreea's smile and laugh as I joked around with her. 
Now when I drive through Starbucks, I try to give at least one minute to appreciate what I have. I can't say that I will ever slow down to the level of that one November night, but I'd like to. 
Thank you Andreea. Wherever you are. And the BEST of luck with your film. It has impacted my life greatly already.

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