Wednesday, August 7, 2013

{within works | 5 tips for bright colors}

It's Wednesday and time to share a project we are working on with you. We've just submitted drawings for a local Tucson High School but wanted to share the inspiration photos with you. Our concept was to bring color into all of the spaces where the students would be. The trick here is not to put color everywhere and on everything. You have to be picky with color, especially when using really bright colors. So below are our inspiration images that we shared with our client.

So how do you use bright accent colors? Here are our top 5 hints on using BRIGHTS in a space:
#1 - use it sparingly, do not cover all walls in all rooms with bright colors, it can get exhausting
#2 - your eyes need a place to rest so use the bright tone as a focal point then follow it up with a neutral next to it
#3 - remember that color can go on furniture or in art, it doesn't have to be painted on a wall
#4 - if you are going to paint, remember that different sheens will have different effects
(here is a guide to selecting the right gloss thanks to Dunn Edwards Paints)
#5 - don't be scared of color, you can always repaint =)

Good Luck!

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