Monday, August 5, 2013

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In a recent visit to LegoLand California with my niece and nephews, I came across a bench that really made me literally sit and think. It had been made with 800 recycled milk jugs. So I did a bit of research when I came home and realized that LegoLand California had truly become a leader in recycling and an example for many other theme parks. 

Here are five things that LegoLand does on a regular basis to make it's park more eco-friendly (thanks to

  1. One-to-One recycling to trash bin ratio: Next time you are at the park, take a look around. Every time you see a trash bin, you will also see a recycling bin – this has helped LEGOLAND to recycle more than 700 tons of materials in 2010.
  2. They use recycled products: All those trash cans and recycling bins we just told you about? Well, 20 of each of them are made of recycled milk jugs – 330 milk jugs to be exact. Additionally, there are 18 benches also made of 800 plastic jugs each.
  3. GreenwareTm: Many of the dining areas throughout the Resort have switched to GREENWARE™ cups and lids that are derived entirely from corn and are compostable.
  4. Model Cleaning: Instead of harsh chemicals that can attribute to run off and have negative effects on the environment, LEGOLAND uses environmentally-friendly powdered walnut shells to clean the more than 15,000 models throughout the resort
  5. Natural Pest Control: While you’re checking out all the trash bins, the next time you’re at the resort also keep an eye out for Ladybugs and Horned Owls. LEGOLAND uses what they call Integrated Pest Management that encourages natural predators to take care of pest problems first before immediately spraying pesticides. Nesting ladybugs are encouraged throughout the park and to control rodents, the Landscaping Team has established nesting boxes for horned owls.
I don't know about you, but I find that really inspiring. So, besides everything we do to recycle and can we reuse Milk Jugs? Perhaps we cannot make a bench, but what are some good DIY projects for us? Well, here you go:

1. A planter
Recycled Milk Jug Planter - Tutorial
2. a scooper / shovel
Recycle milk jug into trowel
3. Halloween luminaries
Halloween luminaries from recycled milk jugs

4. an herb wall
Herb wall...recycled milk jugs

5. supply holder
recycling milk jugs for the art center
6. Star Wars Helmet!
DIY Recycled Milk Jug Star Wars Helmet for Kids LOVE THIS WEBSITE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And here's an angel ornament

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