Monday, August 26, 2013

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For those of you that follow us, you know we love our Pinterest page. One onf of those nights that I couldn't sleep, I came across Jessica @ Black. White. Yellow. She truly makes our hearts go pitter patter. She lives in Los Angeles...we live in Tucson (it's kinda close). She's a native Texan..I have family in Texas. AND she's a former New Orleanian...well so am I !!! My page would be @ Black. White. Red. So I think we would make a perfect match. =)
She has some really great boards and it was really difficult to pick just one to blog about. Great inspiration on her Pinterest Page. Do check her out!
Since I couldn't just choose one, I will choose the First: Black, White, Yellow.
Here are our faves from that Board:
Fifth Inc | Akaoni Designs
Ikea Styling | From Scandinavia with Love
Gilles & Boissier's Apartment | The D Pages

yellow tips
Styling Tina Hellberg, Photo Magnus Anesund
Happy Pinning!

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