Monday, August 19, 2013

{within-spiration | 8 bright kitchens}

We recently finished a project in which we painted our client's kitchen cabinets a deep turquoise (photos coming soon). During our research for our project we started to find some trends appearing in Kitchen Design. Now more than ever we are seeing brighter, happier kitchens. Saturated colors (greens, oranges, and vibrant blues) are transforming the once "so so" kitchens. Many of these kitchens are slick and minimal, mainly playing off a dominant white color. I think this trend will probably hit it's peak this coming fall/winter. When the winter blues start to take their toll on us, we seem to gravitate towards Color!

This fall/winter we are going to see a LOT of color entering our interiors. There will be a combination of matte and high gloss walls. This juxtaposition is going to create movement in a room as well as a luxurious modern feel. Some kitchens will have painted cabinets, others bright counters, while others will just opt for painting the walls. Still there is another new way of adding color and that is with using acrylic panels tinted in a bright color. Their reflective properties will also help create movement in a space.

Would you add a bright color into your kitchen? If so, we're curious to know how you would do it! Share by commenting below.

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