Monday, August 12, 2013

{within-spiration | 6 playhouse ideas}

Happy Monday! Time to get inspired for the week! 
While hanging out with my niece and nephews this summer, I really started to think about playhouses and living outside. I remember being a kid in New Orleans, and living outdoors. My friend Constanza had a small playhouse in her yard and I absolutely adored going over there to play. I realized that I don't see as many playhouses as I used to. My nephews stay inside and play on the computer and my niece will play games on her tablet. What's happened to our kids? There is so much magic outdoors. I bet if they had a playhouse to use they wouldn't be inside so much. My plan is to put a playhouse in my yard when I have kids.
That's my Monday inspiration: really small scale design. So I went online to search and ofcourse when I found my Pinterest favorites, I saw that Handmade Charlotte had already picked them. She's good! You can check out her blog post on these images Here.

(I must admit my personal favorite is the orange and red on the bottom left)
Have a great week!

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