Thursday, August 22, 2013

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For today's favorite blogger of the week, our hats go off to A-Thread of Thoughts. [they have a fabulous shop, click here]
Their recent post on "Choosing Necklaces for your Necklines" was clean, informational, to the point, and visually fabulous. So we had to share it here with you:


I don’t know about you ladies, but I have always wanted a guide of which necklaces to wear with specific necklines.
We put together a simple guide to assist you when you need a little help.  The guide below explains what types of necklaces to wear with a crew neck, scoop neck, strapless, halter,  one shoulder, collared shirt or boat neck.
Remember, these are not absolutes and you are free to wear whatever makes you feel beautiful and fabulous!
which necklace should i wear with different necklines

We also loved their previous post from July 13th called "Trend Watch - Native Summer". It caught our eye being that we live in the Southwest. So for a special treat we wanted to share that one with you as well:


TREND WATCH – TRIBAL/AZTEC/NATIVE – Whatever you want to call it – its HOT and we love it and we are calling it NATIVE SUMMER
Source –   Artist Vasare Nar
 The big question is HOW THE HECK do we wear it without looking like we are wearing a carpet?
Very carefully of course.  Make sure that you aren’t over doing it – just small accents here and there will be best.  Maybe limit it to just a small bag or shoes, or if its clothing tone it down to a limited palette of colors.  If it is simple – then add a punch of colors for an unexpected twists.
We’re so in love with this trend we created its own board on Pinterest with inspiration on how to where and what to wear.


Florencia DeRoussel said...

Hey Jayden,
Your comment disappeared, but just so you know, we'd love to feature more jewelry design! So if you see this comment please send us a link to your page! Cheers!

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