Thursday, August 29, 2013

{thursday's take two | the bright side project}

It's Thursday and time for us to share with you a favorite post from another fabulous blogger! Today's post comes from The Bright Side Project.
We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Four sisters took a portrait together every year for 36 years.

The year was 1975 when world-renowned Nicolas Nixon, a professor of photography at the MassachusettsCollege of Art originally photographed his wife Bebe and her 3 sisters. They were so impressed with the result, they collectively decided to make it a yearly event, the annual family photo. 36 years later, the sisters and Nicolas had all kept their promise, resulting in these 36 beautiful and candid photographs.
The resulting images are full of life and love and time and tradition and speak volumes about how we age and grow and change. Click through to see more of these gorgeous images.

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