Wednesday, July 24, 2013

{within works | 5 tips for a focal wall}

Happy Wednesday!
We're back with a little sneek peak from one of our projects. We recently finished a giant remodel for one of our clients and are now working on the art/accessories placement for them. Our clients have so many amazing pieces, we did not know where to begin. We chose some of our favorites and created an art wall. The inspiration for this room is World Traveler. We layered tons of patterns and colors in the fabrics and pillows. Our finished product, was OK. Not great. Below you will see how the wall looks now. We realized that there was no wow factor in this placement. Our client felt that it was just not "them" and she is right. Perhaps this would work for a catalog or styling photoshoot, but it does not have the Pop that it needs to have in a home that is full of excitement and energy.

So we take this as a learning experience and we go back to the drawing board. We need more drama on this wall. We've come up with a plan to add more textures by adding multiple throw rugs in the room as well as a bigger focal point in the space. Below is our latest inspiration for this room:

To get a big bang for your buck, we suggest the following:
1. invest in a great focal point (for example a great mirror or art piece) look for lines and craftmanship, color can always be changed
2. work with what you have - recover great furniture, showoff your plate collection
3. learn to use paint (on walls, furniture, etc.) it makes a huge difference and does not cost a lot
4. don't be scared to layer, layer, and layer - it adds depth and interest to your space
5. ask for help (designers, friends, upholsterers)

Good Luck!

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