Wednesday, July 31, 2013

{within works | 2 fab antique shops}

Happy Wednesday! We'd love to share with you some photos from a recent Antique shopping trip we did. Natalie and I headed off to Magazine Street in New Orleans, Louisiana for some Southern Antique Inspiration! Our first stop was to Ecru Antiques & Interiors. There were so many amazing things to see. Furniture, accessories, bedding, jewelry, lighting...all amazing. Bonus is that they ship anywhere~ Ecru is French for "unbleached, raw" usually in reference to linen. That was the exact feeling Natalie and I had while browsing the gorgeous rooms. 
 Here are some of our favorite highlights from that shop. 

Our favorite pieces were the candle sconces and a gorgeous set of metal "crown" chandeliers. They were gorgeous! I cannot wait to have a pair myself!
Just a few doors down on Magazine Street we came upon Bremermann Designs. Walking through the doors I was instantly taken by the pattern on the wood floors. Super stunning. (see photo top left). My two favorite things in this shop were an antique oyster console table (never seen one before) and a woven cane chair that had a pattern painted on it. So refreshing and a great modern twist on a vintage chair. Genius!

There were so many great things to see, my eyes were spinning around every room. An amazing collection in this small home. We loved this shopping trip! If you want to visit these shops, here you go:

Ecru Antiques & Interiors
Regina or Destiny
3933 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA 70115

Gerrie Bremermann Interiors
3943 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA 70115504.891.7763

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Happy Shopping!

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