Monday, July 22, 2013

{within-spiration | top 3 color trends for summer}

We are IN the middle of summer!  Where are you headed? Everyone we know has a little trip planned, do you? Color trends for this summer are taking us on a trip as well! Brigh, breezy and sunlit shades are beaming all around us. Ice cream tones and seaside colors are popping up all over this season. Swimming pool blues, corals, and soft citrons and cranberry! It's delicious and exciting! Below you will find our Top 3 Color trends for summer! Happy Shopping!

#1 - Blues and greens are going to be seen saturated and fun. You will see them placed alongside crisp white and sweet lime.

#2 - Not to be outdone, the succulent pinks are bringing a dose of tropical heat! Soft citron and fabulous blue are still making a cameo appearance in this pallete as well.

#3 - The third combination will include sea green and sweet lime paired with a pretty pink base.

Trend report thanks to Stylesight.

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