Monday, July 8, 2013

{within-spiration | 6 money saving tips for a fabulous bath}


It's time for another Within Finds segment. Because finding treasures is inspiration indeed! For those of you that are new to this post, it is where we find a luxe photo and try to recreate it with budget friendly options. Today's photo comes from interior designer Graciela Rutkowski. She's got excellent taste, so chic. So how can you recreate this look on your Target budget?

 We are taking on this challenge!
First, if you're feeling creative, we recommend purchasing this stencil from Royal Design Studio Stencils. It costs $49 and you can use it for furniture, fabrics or walls!
If you want some help with the stencil DIY, check out this link.
For the mirror, we recommend looking into local flea markets or estate sales and finding a mirror with great lines and painting it! If you're not feeling like hunting, then you can purcahse something like this from Target. It costs $196. If you have a bigger budget, may we suggest the Baroque Mirror from Pier1 Imports. This one runs for $249.
Lighting can really be found anywhere, but we've found our best prices online. Companies like Lamps Plus can get you some great bargins. All of our lights on this post came from Bellacor.
For the faucet, we headed over to The Home Depot. They've got tons of options, and we settled on a Moen Weymouth 8" faucet in chrome.
Another great place to shop for one of a kind items with great price tags is Etsy. We found the blask damask hand towel set there for $23.
Finally, for those lovely silver goblet-vases, I highly recommend heading out to do some fle market finds. It's really the best way to find the vintage-looking items. You can find some silver plated goblets on Etsy or Ebay, but I really think mixing and matching them yourself is the way to go.

Total Cost:
1. Stencil $49
2. Mirror $249 or DIY for $100
3. Sconce $259 ea. or a budget light for $68 ea. (the smaller one)
4. Faucet $214 or a budget one for $89 
5. Hand Towel $23
6. Silver Goblet-Vases $20
Total cost range $417 - $1050
Happy Shopping!

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