Tuesday, July 9, 2013

{to-sigh-for | no.1 ikea transformation}

Time for another Editor's Pick of the week! Since we've done beauty products recently, I wanted to do something that would add beauty to your home instead. So for today's product I am picking a company that has tons of good products. The winner is O'verlays Decorative Fretwork Panels. Many of us own Ikea furniture right? Lets face it, Ikea hits our budget really nicely. But don't you hate it when an entire room looks like Ikea? Well O'verlays is coming to the rescue. They Chic-ify your furniture!

Take a look at some of these transformed Ikea pieces:

You can use them on your walls or windows! Pretty much anywhere that you need some fabulousness!

My favorite part about this company is that you can search by Ikea piece. Genius! WE have lots of Expedit shelves in the office and I am currently crushing on their Quatrefoil square insert! Love it!

We cannot wait to transform our pieces! 

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