Tuesday, July 23, 2013

{to-sigh-for | best cheek tint ever}

Time for Editor's Pick of the week! We've definitely mentioned this product before, but we love it so much we have to mention it again:
Hands Down the best cheek and lip tint ever is made by Benefit.
p.s. for your Birchbox fans, you can also get Benetint here.

Birchbox Breakdown

In 1977, Jane and Jean Ford, the twin sisters behind Benefit, met a local dancer who requested a long-lasting red pigment that wouldn’t budge during her shows. They listened, and this beloved rose lip and cheek stain was born. Year after year, it’s a bestseller for good reason: the translucent color leaves us with a natural flush so we look pretty, not made-up.

How it Works

This lightweight stain goes on sheer for buildable rosy coverage. The long-lasting formula is made with carmine rose petals and lasts for hours. Not surprisingly, it’s a staple with celebrities, makeup artists, and models (not to mention Birchbox staffers).

How to Use

Smile and dab three small strokes on the apples of your cheeks. Blend immediately, as the formula does dry quickly. Next, dot on your lips and blend with clean fingertips. Apply another layer if you want a deeper crimson hue.

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