Thursday, July 4, 2013

{thursday's take two | 3 links for a great 4th of July}

{thursday's take two}

Happy Thursday! and Happy 4th of July! For today's post, I want to flashback to a post we did in 2011. It made us smile so much, that we had to repost it.
Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday!

Time is flying by!

We are already at the 4th of July!

For today's post, we have to include our Red White and Blue... but mostly our RED. :)

Because we love it...

and Because we can!

Cheers to a beautiful day to you all!!!

Here's a recipe for the Red White and Blueberry Trifle and

the Summer Shortcake!

And here is a nice article from Real Simple "Why I became an American"



photography thanks to:

Ingalls Photography

Ditte Isager

Martha Stewart

Cinnamon's Photostream

Tracey Lau

Zuzana Nz

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