Wednesday, June 19, 2013

{within works | inside a models bag}

{within works}

For today's Within Works I wanted to share with you ONE day in the life of Within Studio! Now, it's definitely not a typical day, but boy it was super fun and we had to share these photos. Our client, Hush Salon & Spa, really needs a website makeover. So we teamed up with *nontextual matters and AZFoto to make this happen. Part one of the photoshoot took place a few weeks ago and here are some of the iphone snapshots we took. We are going to let Dominic at AZ Foto share the fabulous finished shots. We were there to make sure that our clients 'look' was simply perfect. We oversaw the hair and makeup and clothing for the models as well as making sure everyone was having fun!

The day was filled with models and makeup and pizza! What a blast! *nontextual matters was there to help us get the perfect shot for the new website and Dominig form AZ Foto kept everyone rolling with his energy!

We also felt the need to photograph random bags that we found. We were really curious..what's inside a models bag? What is inside a photographers bag? Lets take a peek...

And lets not forget the Rock n Roll that is Hush Salon. We had models jumping all over the place! So fabulous!

I think we also forgot to mention that we were trying out different iphone cameras while at the photoshoot...which is why our blog photos look a bit..err.. different..

Our favorite photo of the ENTIRE shoot was this one on the bottom left. We call it "models waiting"

Hope you enjoyed our little preview! Final shots coming soon!

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