Monday, June 17, 2013

{Top 3 Finds from the HD Expo 2013}


Happy Monday!
It's time to share with you our inspiration of the week! We want to go back and show you some of our photos from the HD Expo in May. I'll be honest, my team wasn't as impressed as we have been in previous years, but there were a few eye catching items that I thought were share-worthy. 
We saw lots of trends while we were there. There was a "light" feeling overall. Things looked sofer, more delicate, and cleaner. The lights seemed to float everywhere we looked.
#1 - Lights!

We also noticed a lot of pattern layering and of course the Sparkles! Bling Couture for sure!

#2 Pattern Layering

Our favorite finds were Southwest Inspired. Knoll Textiles released some gorgeous new designs and 1956 by Tai Ping introduced a gorgeous hand made rug that was to die for..take a look!

#3 Southwest Inspiration

We're looking forward to see what next year brings to the HD Expo!
~the within studio team

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