Thursday, June 13, 2013

{Time for Change}

Hello Lovelies! 
We've missed you! But mainly, I've missed you! Within has been really busy revamping a lot of ideas and researching all over to bring you the best inspiration and blog posts we can bring! We have decided to restructure our blog so that you can have some inspiration daily! It may take a while for us to get up to snuff on this, but please hang in there, we promise good stuff is coming your way!

So you are going to start seeing some changes on our blog:
Monday we are going to dedicate to Inspiration! It could be food, fashion, photography, architecture, you name it! Whatever is inspiring our office at the moment! 

 Tuesday will be our Editor's Pick day... our To Sigh For Tuesday where we share our favorite products with you. Beauty, Office, or anything in between =)
{tuesdays to-sigh-for}

Wednesday ... works! Mid-week we will share with you something we are working on. Always a fun surprise!
{within works}

Thursdays we will pay it forward and find another fabulous blogger to introduce to you, or a post that we think is worth a read or tweet.
{thursday's take two}

Fridays will continue to be our {Simply Sweet} days to prepare us for the lovely weekend!

So...I hope you are ready! We're excited!!!
Lots of Love and see you all soon!

Florencia & the Within Studio Staff

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