Tuesday, April 23, 2013

{to sigh for | 16 must have designer products}

We recently saw a post about what a designer carried in her bag.

We wanted to play too.

So, we took Florencia's bag and opened it up to see what we would see... 
1. an eyeglass case transformed to a charging station holder
 2. sunglasses because we live in Arizona
3. Ipad for our Pinteresting needs
 4. a mustache ring because you never know (thank you Lisa)
5. a mini architectural scale anminid a black and red Paper Mate Flair pen
6. a Levenger for to-do lists, sketches, client notes
7. kubaton keychain, and yes she knows how to use it
8. vegan wallet by Franco Sarto
9. Burt's Bees lemon butter cuticle cream (we live in the desert)
10. Rosebud Salve (the best invention ever)
11. Mini Leatherman, because you never know
12. mini pocket mirror, gift from a beautiful cilent
13. Bob Johnson, he travels the world, look him up on Facebook
14. MyChelle vegan hand cream (again, the desert)
15. Business card holder (she needs a new one)
16. Vegan bag with no name (we think a TJ Maxx find)

....so...what's in your bag?

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