Monday, March 4, 2013

{within-spiration | the harbour club}

Welcome to March! 
For this months First Monday post, we wanted to share a fabulous dining experience with you! Not only was the food simply exquisite, but the interiors were to die for! 
Within Studio proudly presents... The Harbour Club in Amsterdam. The exterior is a gray warehouse next to the water, you would never imagine the amazing colors and textures inside. We had the pleasure of lunching here during our visit to Amsterdam and to top it off, we shared this special time with local designer Sjoerd Jonkers

Everything was absolutely perfect! To my surprise, they even let us bring in our dog who sat quietly under our table while we ate. An amazing lunch with amazing people!

If you are in the Netherlands soon, we highly recommend stopping at this restaurant.

The Harbour Club
Cruquiusweg 67 | Amsterdam | T. 020-767-0421
You can also find them on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook!
Bon Appetite! 

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