Tuesday, March 5, 2013

{within-spiration | spring 2013 trend report}

It's time for a trend report for Spring 2013. Lots of us like to do a little spring cleaning, and some of us take on full remodel jobs. So for those of you working on your bathrooms, this blog post is for you! 
Spring is going to bring garden inspired everything. From your fashion to your bathtub. You will see colors like peony pink and vivid coral, misty teals and stone greys. These tones will be contrasted against aqua blues and soft white. Are you ready for this? Spring is here and it is blooming everywhere.

Now, we must confess to you that we're not into trends as much as other designers are. We like to design for our clients taste, and not what the trend report says we should do. You may not even like flowers at all. It's our job as designers to share with you the latest trends and what's happening in the industry, but it's also our job to help create spaces that you Love! So perhaps you just change the towels and add a flower in a vase! 
Good Luck!
~within studio

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