Tuesday, February 26, 2013

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Today we are happy to re-post a blog from Tri|Kes Wallcovering that was recently published about Within Studio
Hush Salon & Day Spa was recently finished and opened! Hope you enjoy the post! 

February 13, 2013 |
Florencia DeRoussel of Within Studio LLC in Tucson, Arizona recently sent us these photos (courtesy of Christopher Lee Bowden of Christopher Bowden Photography LLC) of an installation her company did for the Hush Salon and Day Spa in Tucson. The installation featured Symphony's Rock 'N' Scroll (AZ52467RS).
According to Florencia, the Hush Salon and Day Spa is an energetic, "rock 'n' roll", "sexy", cool salon and the owners wanted everyone to feel the vibe and absolutely love coming to work and coming to get their hair cut. Their goal was to engage everyone in the fun atmosphere. They wanted to create multiple seating areas as well as exciting experiences in every space (shampoo room, drying station, makeup area, pedicure room, etc...).
Florencia says that Symphony's Rock 'N' Scroll was chosen by Within Studio for its...well..."Rock 'N' Scroll" feel that really jived with the clients. It was girly enough and tough enough at the same time. They chose the largest wall in the salon to hang the wallcovering, and it's their favorite focal point.
Christopher Bowden Photography LLC www.christopherbowdenphotography.com
*Within Studio LLC:
Website www.go-within.com
Facebook www.facebook.com/Within.Studio

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